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Robert F. Fox, better known as Toby Fox (born October 11, 1991), is an American video game developer and composer known for creating the indie games Undertale and Deltarune, as well as having composed music for the Homestuck webcomic. For Pokémon, Fox has composed music for Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Game Freak

The popularity of Undertale resulted in many Game Freak employees becoming fans of the game, and for Fox to become known in the company. In particular, Fox befriended Gō Ichinose, who had followed him on Twitter prior.[1]

During a meeting with staff members of Game Freak at a café, Fox asked if he could compose a music track for Pokémon Sword and Shield. The Game Freak members approved, and told Fox of the concept needed for the track.[1] The music track Fox composed appeared in-game as the Battle! (Battle Tower) theme.

Besides Pokémon Sword and Shield, Fox had also composed music for Little Town Hero, another video game developed by Game Freak which released in the same year.[2] Fox would later go on to compose some of the soundtrack for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.[3][4][5]

Personal life

Fox has described his experiences living with chronic hand and wrist pain as a composer and game developer (two professions that require copious use of these affected areas).[6]

Game credits

Anime credits


Staff Artwork

This is a collection of unofficial Pokémon artwork drawn by Fox.


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