Black Kyurem & White Kyurem (Tretta)

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Black Kyurem & White Kyurem redirects here. For the Formes of Kyurem, see List of Pokémon with form differences → Kyurem.
Black Kyurem & White Kyurem
Tretta set 3 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 3
Release date December 6, 2012
Search for the Legendary Pokémon!
Witness Genesect!

Black Kyurem & White Kyurem (Japanese: ブラックキュレムとホワイトキュレム) is the third Pokémon Tretta set. It features 48 Tretta.


As its name suggests, the Black Kyurem & White Kyurem set features the newly introduced formes of Kyurem: Black Kyurem and White Kyurem on a number of Tretta, as well as the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram as the set's Legend-class Tretta.

The Normal type is introduced to Pokémon Tretta with the inclusion of Eevee, as well as the new Combo mechanic, which all of Eevee's evolutions utilize. As long as at least two Tretta in the player's team feature the Tretta Combo green icon.png icon, those Pokémon may chain attacks. Viable Pokémon are highlighted at the start of Battle Mode, and upon selecting a Pokémon, available Combo partners can be cycled between using the dial on the upper section of the console. After the first Pokémon has attacked, Combo Chance will start another damage roulette before the second attack commences. Pokémon that have been selected to attack first in a round cannot be selected as Combo partners in subsequent rounds, unless that Pokémon has another move that has not been used. A team of three Pokémon with Tretta Combo green icon.png icons can therefore attack a maximum of six times over the three rounds.

All regular Tretta are colored green in this set. Cave replaces Beach again in Search Mode, while the other locations have a winter theme.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
3-00 Reshiram Dragon Tretta Legend class.png
3-01 White Kyurem Ice Tretta Master class.png
3-02 Black Kyurem Ice Tretta Master class.png
3-03 Tornadus Flying Tretta Hyper class.png
3-04 Thundurus Electric Tretta Hyper class.png
3-05 Landorus Ground Tretta Hyper class.png
3-06 Cobalion Steel Tretta Hyper class.png
3-07 Terrakion Rock Tretta Hyper class.png
3-08 Virizion Grass Tretta Hyper class.png
3-09 Electivire Electric Tretta Hyper class.png
3-10 Magmortar Fire Tretta Hyper class.png
3-11 Zekrom Dragon Tretta Hyper class.png
3-12 Lucario Fighting Tretta Hyper class.png
3-13 White Kyurem Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-14 Black Kyurem Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-15 Zekrom Dragon Tretta Super class.png
3-16 Lucario Fighting Tretta Super class.png
3-17 Pikachu Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-18 Psyduck Water Tretta Super class.png
3-19 Stunfisk Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-20 Eevee Normal Tretta Super class.png
3-21 Vaporeon Water Tretta Super class.png
3-22 Jolteon Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-23 Flareon Fire Tretta Super class.png
3-24 Espeon Psychic Tretta Super class.png
3-25 Umbreon Dark Tretta Super class.png
3-26 Leafeon Grass Tretta Super class.png
3-27 Glaceon Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-28 Tornadus Flying Tretta Super class.png
3-29 Thundurus Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-30 Landorus Ground Tretta Super class.png
3-31 Cobalion Steel Tretta Normal class.png
3-32 Terrakion Rock Tretta Normal class.png
3-33 Virizion Grass Tretta Normal class.png
3-34 Electivire Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-35 Magmortar Fire Tretta Normal class.png
3-36 Lucario Fighting Tretta Normal class.png
3-37 Pikachu Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-38 Eevee Normal Tretta Normal class.png
3-39 Vaporeon Water Tretta Normal class.png
3-40 Jolteon Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-41 Flareon Fire Tretta Normal class.png
3-42 Espeon Psychic Tretta Normal class.png
3-43 Umbreon Dark Tretta Normal class.png
3-44 Leafeon Grass Tretta Normal class.png
3-45 Glaceon Ice Tretta Normal class.png
3-46 Psyduck Water Tretta Normal class.png
3-47 Stunfisk Electric Tretta Normal class.png

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