Invasion! Mega Rayquaza (Tretta)

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Invasion! Mega Rayquaza
しゅうらい! メガレックウザ
Tretta set 14 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 14
Release date January 29, 2015
Primal Reversion's Super Power!
Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight

Invasion! Mega Rayquaza (Japanese: しゅうらい! メガレックウザ) is the sixth The Pokémon Tretta series set, and the fourteenth overall. It features 48 Tretta.


Invasion! Mega Rayquaza continues to feature elements from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, with the inclusion of both a Rayquaza capable of Mega Evolution and the Pokémon Tretta debut of Deoxys, two plot-centric Pokémon in the post-game Delta Episode.

Rayquaza is featured as the set's Legend-class Tretta, and is the first Legend-class Pokémon that can Mega Evolve. The set includes another eight Pokémon that can Mega Evolve. These include: Metagross, Salamence, Gallade, Gyarados, Lucario, Heracross, plus the Eon duo Latias and Latios. Latias is included as the set's Secret Tretta. All regular Tretta are colored sky blue in this set.

Invasion! Mega Rayquaza also marked the start of a cross promotion between Pokémon Tretta and the Pokémon anime, with the inclusion of a Pikachu based on the one belonging to Ash Ketchum in this set, and a promotional Pancham based on Serena's released shortly afterwards. Both of these Pokémon feature unique character models when used in-game, with Pikachu wearing Ash's hat and Pancham wearing Serena's sunglasses.

Search Mode includes locations from Gogo Field, which features a dual winter and spring theme, a reference to the proximity of this set's release relative to the previous one. Ruins, after being absent in the last set, returns, with the similarly long-standing Field location absent for the first time, now making Forest the only location to appear in every set.

Challenge Battle was also slightly expanded from this set. After the conclusion of Battle Mode, players with Tretta Reports could obtain the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas or Yveltal as Extra Attackers via Extra Chance (Japanese: エクストラチャンス). Extra Chance presents players with a roulette consisting of 10 spaces, which has a starting configuration of 9 × spaces and 1 O space. The player can stop the roulette by pressing one of the two main console buttons once it starts spinning. If a player lands on a O space, they will obtain an Extra Attacker. Players can replace × spaces with O spaces on the roulette by winning battles in Challenge Battle, increasing their chances of obtaining an Extra Attacker.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
05-00 Rayquaza Dragon Tretta Legend class.png
05-01 Pikachu Electric Tretta Master class.png
05-02 Deoxys Psychic Tretta Master class.png
05-03 Latios Dragon Tretta Master class.png
05-04 Metagross Steel Tretta Master class.png
05-05 Salamence Dragon Tretta Master class.png
05-06 Rayquaza Dragon Tretta Hyper class.png
05-07 Gallade Psychic Tretta Hyper class.png
05-08 Gyarados Flying Tretta Hyper class.png
05-09 Lucario Steel Tretta Hyper class.png
05-10 Heracross Fighting Tretta Hyper class.png
05-11 Dragonite Flying Tretta Hyper class.png
05-12 Hydreigon Dark Tretta Hyper class.png
05-13 Aegislash Ghost Tretta Hyper class.png
05-14 Deoxys Psychic Tretta Super class.png
05-15 Latios Dragon Tretta Super class.png
05-16 Metagross Steel Tretta Super class.png
05-17 Salamence Dragon Tretta Super class.png
05-18 Gallade Psychic Tretta Super class.png
05-19 Gyarados Flying Tretta Super class.png
05-20 Lucario Steel Tretta Super class.png
05-21 Heracross Fighting Tretta Super class.png
05-22 Dragonite Flying Tretta Super class.png
05-23 Hydreigon Dark Tretta Super class.png
05-24 Aegislash Ghost Tretta Super class.png
05-25 Quilladin Grass Tretta Super class.png
05-26 Braixen Fire Tretta Super class.png
05-27 Frogadier Water Tretta Super class.png
05-28 Hawlucha Flying Tretta Super class.png
05-29 Heliolisk Electric Tretta Super class.png
05-30 Scyther Flying Tretta Super class.png
05-31 Hawlucha Flying Tretta Normal class.png
05-32 Heliolisk Electric Tretta Normal class.png
05-33 Scyther Flying Tretta Normal class.png
05-34 Makuhita Fighting Tretta Normal class.png
05-35 Tropius Grass Tretta Normal class.png
05-36 Snorunt Ice Tretta Normal class.png
05-37 Kecleon Normal Tretta Normal class.png
05-38 Ralts Fairy Tretta Normal class.png
05-39 Poliwhirl Water Tretta Normal class.png
05-40 Staryu Water Tretta Normal class.png
05-41 Tangela Grass Tretta Normal class.png
05-42 Marill Fairy Tretta Normal class.png
05-43 Cubone Ground Tretta Normal class.png
05-44 Voltorb Electric Tretta Normal class.png
05-45 Chatot Flying Tretta Normal class.png
05-46 Goomy Dragon Tretta Normal class.png
05-?? Latias Psychic

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