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This is a list of all obtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Colosseum.

Shadow Pokémon

#   Pokémon Level Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Trainer Location
296 Menu Colo 296.png Makuhita Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Focus Energy Vital Throw Cross Chop Miror B.Peon Trudly Phenac City
153 Menu Colo 153.png Bayleef Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Synthesis Razor Leaf Body Slam Cipher Peon Verde Phenac City / Realgam Tower / Shadow PKMN Lab / Snagem Hideout
156 Menu Colo 156.png Quilava Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush SmokeScreen Dig Flame Wheel Cipher Peon Rosso Phenac City / Realgam Tower / Shadow PKMN Lab / Snagem Hideout
159 Menu Colo 159.png Croconaw Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Scary Face Bite Surf Cipher Peon Bluno Phenac City / Realgam Tower / Shadow PKMN Lab / Snagem Hideout
218 Menu Colo 218.png Slugma Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Yawn Rock Throw Flamethrower Roller Boy Lon Pyrite Town
164 Menu Colo 164.png Noctowl Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Hypnosis Reflect Fly Rider Nover Pyrite Town
180 Menu Colo 180.png Flaaffy Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Thunder Wave Cotton Spore ThunderShock St. Performer Diogo Pyrite Town
188 Menu Colo 188.png Skiploom Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Sleep Powder Cotton Spore Mega Drain Rider Leba Pyrite Town
195 Menu Colo 195.png Quagsire Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Amnesia Slam Surf Bandana Guy Divel Pyrite Town
200 Menu Colo 200.png Misdreavus Lv. 30+ Shadow Rush Confuse Ray Mean Look Shadow Ball Rider Vant Pyrite Town
162 Menu Colo 162.png Furret Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Helping Hand Quick Attack Strength Rogue Cail Pyrite Town
193 Menu Colo 193.png Yanma Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Supersonic SonicBoom Uproar Cipher Peon Nore Miror B.'s Hideout / Snagem Hideout
223 Menu Colo 223.png Remoraid Lv. 20+ Shadow Rush Lock-On Psybeam Aurora Beam Miror B.Peon Reath Miror B.'s Hideout / Pyrite Cave
226 Menu Colo 226.png Mantine Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Supersonic BubbleBeam Take Down Miror B.Peon Ferma Miror B.'s Hideout / Pyrite Cave
211 Menu Colo 211.png Qwilfish Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Minimize Poison Sting Surf Hunter Doken Miror B.'s Hideout
206 Menu Colo 206.png Dunsparce Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Glare Yawn Take Down Rider Sosh Pyrite Cave
307 Menu Colo 307.png Meditite Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Calm Mind Confusion Hi Jump Kick Rider Twan Pyrite Cave
333 Menu Colo 333.png Swablu Lv. 33+ Shadow Rush Sing Safeguard Fly Hunter Zalo Pyrite Cave
185 Menu Colo 185.png Sudowoodo Lv. 35+ Shadow Rush Block Low Kick Rock Slide Cipher Admin Miror B. Miror B.'s Hideout / Realgam Tower / Deep Colosseum
237 Menu Colo 237.png Hitmontop Lv. 38+ Shadow Rush Focus Energy Triple Kick Rapid Spin Cipher Peon Skrub Agate Village / Shadow PKMN Lab / Snagem Hideout
244 Menu Colo 244.png Entei Lv. 40+ Shadow Rush Leer Bite Fire Blast Cipher Admin Dakim Mt. Battle / Realgam Tower / Deep Colosseum
166 Menu Colo 166.png Ledian Lv. 40+ Shadow Rush Safeguard Supersonic Comet Punch Cipher Peon Kloak The Under / Snagem Hideout
245 Menu Colo 245.png Suicune Lv. 40+ Shadow Rush Leer Gust Surf Cipher Admin Venus The Under Subway / Realgam Tower / Deep Colosseum
207 Menu Colo 207.png Gligar Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Sand-Attack Poison Sting Slash Hunter Frena The Under Subway / Snagem Hideout
234 Menu Colo 234.png Stantler Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Hypnosis Leer Take Down Chaser Liaks The Under Subway / Snagem Hideout
221 Menu Colo 221.png Piloswine Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Odor Sleuth Dig Blizzard Bodybuilder Lonia The Under Subway / Snagem Hideout
215 Menu Colo 215.png Sneasel Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Screech Fury Swipes Icy Wind Rider Nelis The Under Subway / Snagem Hideout
168 Menu Colo 168.png Ariados Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Scary Face Leech Life Sludge Bomb Cipher Peon Lesar Shadow PKMN Lab
190 Menu Colo 190.png Aipom Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Tickle Fury Swipes Swift Cipher Peon Cole Shadow PKMN Lab
198 Menu Colo 198.png Murkrow Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Mean Look Night Shade Fly Cipher Peon Lare Shadow PKMN Lab
205 Menu Colo 205.png Forretress Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Protect Bide Rapid Spin Cipher Peon Vana Shadow PKMN Lab
210 Menu Colo 210.png Granbull Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Scary Face Roar Strength Cipher Peon Tanie Shadow PKMN Lab
329 Menu Colo 329.png Vibrava Lv. 43+ Shadow Rush Screech Sand Tomb DragonBreath Cipher Peon Remil Shadow PKMN Lab
243 Menu Colo 243.png Raikou Lv. 40+ Shadow Rush Leer Quick Attack Thunder Cipher Admin Ein Shadow PKMN Lab / Realgam Tower / Deep Colosseum
192 Menu Colo 192.png Sunflora Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Growth Ingrain SolarBeam Cipher Peon Baila Realgam Tower / Snagem Hideout
225 Menu Colo 225.png Delibird Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Attract Present Fly Cipher Peon Arton Realgam Tower / Snagem Hideout
214 Menu Colo 214.png Heracross Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Endure Counter Brick Break Cipher Peon Dioge Realgam Tower / Snagem Hideout
227 Menu Colo 227.png Skarmory Lv. 47+ Shadow Rush Metal Sound Air Cutter Steel Wing Snagem Head Gonzap Realgam Tower/Snagem Hideout
241 Menu Colo 241.png Miltank Lv. 48+ Shadow Rush Defense Curl Rollout Body Slam Bodybuilder Jomas Tower Colosseum
359 Menu Colo 359.png Absol Lv. 48+ Shadow Rush Swords Dance Slash Faint Attack Rider Delan Tower Colosseum
229 Menu Colo 229.png Houndoom Lv. 48+ Shadow Rush Howl Smog Flamethrower Cipher Peon Nella Tower Colosseum
357 Menu Colo 357.png Tropius Lv. 49+ Shadow Rush Synthesis Magical Leaf Fly Cipher Peon Ston Tower Colosseum
376 Menu Colo 376.png Metagross Lv. 50+ Shadow Rush Iron Defense Metal Claw Psychic Cipher Nascour Tower Colosseum
248 Menu Colo 248.png Tyranitar Lv. 55+ Shadow Rush Thunder Rock Slide Blizzard Cipher Head Evice Tower Colosseum
235 Menu Colo 235.png Smeargle Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Tail Whip DoubleSlap Iron Tail Team Snagem Biden Snagem Hideout
217 Menu Colo 217.png Ursaring Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Fake Tears Lick Slash Team Snagem Agrev Snagem Hideout
213 Menu Colo 213.png Shuckle Lv. 45+ Shadow Rush Encore Rest Bide Deep King Agnol Deep Colosseum
176 Menu Colo 176.png Togetic Lv. 20+ Shadow Rush Charm Sweet Kiss Yawn Cipher Peon Fein Outskirt Stand

Japanese E-Reader Shadow Pokémon

These Shadow Pokémon are not required to be purified to receive Ho-Oh.

#   Pokémon Level Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Location
175 Menu Colo 175.png Togepi Lv. 20+ Shadow Rush Charm Sweet Kiss Yawn E-Reader card
179 Menu Colo 179.png Mareep Lv. 37+ Shadow Rush ThunderShock Thunder Wave Cotton Spore E-Reader card
212 Menu Colo 212.png Scizor Lv. 50+ Shadow Rush Metal Claw Swords Dance Slash E-Reader card

Other Pokémon

#   Pokémon Level Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 How to obtain
196 Menu Colo 196.png Espeon Lv. 25 Confusion Return Reflect Helping Hand Have from start.
197 Menu Colo 197.png Umbreon Lv. 25 Bite Secret Power Taunt Snatch Have from start.
311 Menu Colo 311.png Plusle Lv. 13 Growl Thunder Wave Quick Attack Helping Hand Receive from Duking after saving it.
250 Menu Colo 250.png Ho-Oh Lv. 70 Recover Fire Blast Sunny Day Swift Snag and purify all 48 Shadow Pokémon, then beat Mt. Battle in Colosseum mode
385 Menu Colo 385.png Jirachi Lv. 5 Wish Confusion Rest --- Bonus disc (send to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions)
251 Menu Colo 251.png Celebi Lv. 10 Confusion Recover Heal Bell Safeguard Snag and purify all 48 Shadow Pokémon (send to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions)
025 Menu Colo 025.png Pikachu Lv. 10 ThunderShock Growl Tail Whip Thunder Wave Japanese Bonus disc (send to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions)


The following Pokémon can only be obtained through evolving a Shadow Pokémon.

#   Pokémon How to obtain
297 Menu Colo 297.png Hariyama Evolve Makuhita
154 Menu Colo 154.png Meganium Evolve Bayleef
157 Menu Colo 157.png Typhlosion Evolve Quilava
160 Menu Colo 160.png Feraligatr Evolve Croconaw
189 Menu Colo 189.png Jumpluff Evolve Skiploom
181 Menu Colo 181.png Ampharos Evolve Flaaffy
219 Menu Colo 219.png Magcargo Evolve Slugma
224 Menu Colo 224.png Octillery Evolve Remoraid
308 Menu Colo 308.png Medicham Evolve Meditite
334 Menu Colo 334.png Altaria Evolve Swablu
330 Menu Colo 330.png Flygon Evolve Vibrava

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