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After the incident with Drowzee at the guild, he asks you to go to a dungeon called The Nightmare. Your partner isn't all too glad about this, but knows they have to do it in order to save Azurill. Plus, the dungeon could give you bad stomach pains (hint hint, nudge nudge...). But anyway, between bad stomach pains and a never ending nightmare, it's better to heal the unending nightmare.

The Nightmare

The main type here is Normal. Be aware of the Chansey and Blissey...since they give over 1000 Exp. points! This dungeon is surprisingly easy, not too much to do here. There are 17 floors in total. You cannot recruit Pokémon here since they appear to be all formed by nightmares. Only you and your partner can enter this dungeon.

Also, beware that your stomach decreases at an accelerated rate, so have a considerable amount of food items packed in your Treasure Bag.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Clefairy (Pokémon) Clefairy B1-B12 ? Unrecruitable
Jigglypuff (Pokémon) Jigglypuff B1-B12 ? Unrecruitable
Meowth (Pokémon) Meowth B1-B11 ? Unrecruitable
Lickitung (Pokémon) Lickitung B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Cleffa (Pokémon) Cleffa B1-B12 ? Unrecruitable
Espeon (Pokémon) Espeon B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Wobbuffet (Pokémon) Wobbuffet B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Miltank (Pokémon) Miltank B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Blissey (Pokémon) Blissey B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Whismur (Pokémon) Whismur B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Skitty (Pokémon) Skitty B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Swalot (Pokémon) Swalot B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Spoink (Pokémon) Spoink B1-B11 ? Unrecruitable
Spinda (Pokémon) Spinda B1-B13 ? Unrecruitable
Wynaut (Pokémon) Wynaut B1-B12 ? Unrecruitable
Croagunk (Pokémon) Croagunk B1-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Persian (Pokémon) Persian B5-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Igglybuff (Pokémon) Igglybuff B6-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Lickilicky (Pokémon) Lickilicky B10-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Grumpig (Pokémon) Grumpig B12-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Happiny (Pokémon) Happiny B12-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Clefable (Pokémon) Clefable B13-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Wigglytuff (Pokémon) Wigglytuff B13-B17 ? Unrecruitable
Chansey (Pokémon) Chansey B16-B17 ? Unrecruitable


Once you reach the end, your partner will marvel on how far the two of you have gone. You and your partner look around, and your partner concludes that it's just one long path straight from here. Let's keep going a little more.

Even before you take one step, two black flashes disrupt you and darken the whole place. A voice speaks out of the darkness, asking how you got here. As if you haven't already found out, your partner shouts that there's someone other than the two of you here. Your partner tries to act brave and asks who the person is. Show yourself! She is...

A flash of blinding white light and Cresslia appears! You're surprised, but your partner asks what her name is, which you already know is Cresselia, but she introduces herself to the two of you anyway. You are surprised that she is Cresselia. It's Cresselia...the one from your dreams...she cannot fathom how you came here, but she finds your visit ever so convenient! She's longed to meet both of you! It's revealed that your partner has also been having those dreams, claiming that its dreams aren't just ordinary dreams. You are surprised by this and turn to face your partner.

Then what your partner saw in its dreams...yes. What Cresselia has told both of you in your dreams is real. The two of you are not supposed to exist in this world. You are surprised that it's not only you, but your partner as well. Your partner claims to have suspected this...that you and your partner have been having the same dreams. Even though your partner is not a human that transformed into a Pokémon, the reason for it not supposed to be existing is because it traveled to the future, then came back. And, unfortunately, it's causing the destruction of the world. That's what Cresselia said in its dreams, and you think about how you're not the only one having those apparent dreams. So your partner is just the same as you are...another existence that's not supposed to be in this world. Cresselia said that to your partner, too!

After a moment of silence, your partner asks Cresselia to explain something--your partner traveled to the future and came back again...and you were a human that came from the future...Cresselia said that the two of you are causing the distortion in the fabric of space in our world. If space itself becomes distorted, why will the world be destroyed?

If the distortion of fabric in space expands, the power of darkness will expand as well. Eventually...the entire world will become enveloped within a nightmare. Your partner doesn't get it, asking why it would become "enveloped within a nightmare". Cresselia ignores this and says all of them will be stuck in a nightmare, and asks your partner if they know where they are at this moment. Your partner tentatively answers, saying they're in Azurill's nightmare. Cresselia says that is correct. Azurill will remain trapped by the nightmare...and then never awaken again. This nightmare will eventually creep across the world. For now, only Azurill is affected by this nightmare. But soon, other Pokémon will be drawn in by the nightmare's widening "web". More and more Pokémon will fall into unending sleep. And, ultimately, all Pokémon will be locked in this nightmare without end.

You and your partner are surprised by this, and you think about it for yourself a little while. All Pokémon...but your partner ends the tragic discussion and asks a more disastrous question--what will it take to get rid of the distortion in the fabric of space? How can the space distortion be deleted? There is only one way to save the world from destruction. And that is...for you to disappear!

You and your partner are even more surprised and Cresselia says she's been waiting for this opportunity. The opportunity to make you disappear! You and your partner don't want to disappear! The two of you want to know more about what's happened! Cresselia asks rather fiercely if your partner would rather see all Pokémon engulfed by the nightmare. That's not...that isn't what your partner wants...your partner asks Cresselia if this is really true. If the two of you disappear...will the world really be saved? Cresselia says that the world will be saved. Because it is only your existence...that is driving the world towards ruin!

Your partner gets nervous as Cresselia walks forward and apologizes, saying that this is the only way the world can be saved. It must be done! Another flash, and...

A voice suddenly calls, ending the "murder" scene. Hello? ___? And ____? Where are the two of you? Cresselia is annoyed that her work was interrupted, saying that she was nearly finished. Cresselia steps back and says that she will see the two of you disappear! Of course, if you would rather you do it yourselves...Cresselia then disappears.

Your partner is relieved the two of you didn't get killed. Before you and your partner can get a fully-fledged conversation about the near-death experience, Drowzee suddenly enters the dungeon. Your partner is startled and asks why Drowzee's here. Drowzee explains that the two of you were taking so long, he started to get worried. He decided to be brave and come looking for you. Drowzee looks around, and concludes that there's something dangerous about this place. He decides for you, your partner, and him to go back to the guild.

Back at the Guild (Again)

You are suddenly transported back to the guild, with the whole guild surrounding Azurill as he continues to sleep.

You appeared to have told Chatot the full story of getting into the nightmare, as he thinks about how you encountered Cresselia. And she said that Azurill's nightmare is caused by the distortion in the fabric of space. Your partner agrees. Chatot continues on his recount story, saying that if nothing is done about it, everyone will be enveloped in a never ending sleep. Chatot asks if all that is really true, to which your partner says a gloomy yes.

Squawk! But if all that's true...this is terrible trouble! They've got to do something!

Your partner goes onto another topic, asking what Chatot knows about Cresselia. He knows about the Pokémon...but only from rumors. It's said that Cresselia only appears during the night of a quarter move, and it's also said that this Pokémon can heal others' emotional scars simply with the gentle light from her body. Your partner sweats a bit and says she didn't seem as kind. There's one more thing about's said that this Pokémon can also banish darkness. Corphish then speaks up, and asks for things to get straight--if we don't do something, the whole world will fall asleep? That means we have to do something now to fix the space distortion!

Drowzee then asks your partner if Cresselia said anything about the distortion of space being stopped. Your partner is surprised they came to the two of you with that question and slightly hesitates to answer it. Drowzee wonders why your partner is acting jumpy. Your partner lies that it wasn't about what Drowzee said, it was something way to stop the distortion of space...your partner hesitates again, then lies that nothing can be done about it. Ah, that is unfortunate. Wigglytuff then speaks up, saying that they should look into the distortion of space together. If we don't, we won't be able to stop the nightmare from spreading!

That Night...

You and your partner are still awake, discussing what happened back at the guild. Drowzee asked us if you knew how the distortion could be stopped...your partner lied! As the two of you know, there is a way to stop the distortion--for the two of you to disappear! Your partner just couldn't bring yourself to say it. But that something your partner must tell everyone about? Your partner asks you what to do now, but you have no answer. In that case...maybe disappearing is the best thing to do.

Even though your partner said "let's sleep" you are still awake. Apparently, you can't sleep. Your partner is...already asleep, you think. But you have to understand that the two of you are causing the distortion of space...but how it leads to the world's ruin, you still can't believe it. You thought it was seriously just something from a dream the first time around, but with the second dream, that's when you started thinking it was true. Suddenly, you're thinking of what your partner said when you couldn't wake up...

Your partner had asked why you're day dreaming and told you to show some energy. It flashes back to you, and you think about how your partner was unusually upbeat that time--but it had woken from the same dream! At the moment, your partner needed to act extra cheerful, since it suspected that you had the same dream. So, your partner tried to cheer you up. You know your partner had been frightened. But still...your partner was more concerned about you. Azurill's nightmare...what Cresselia tried to felt crushed by that, but...but...that's why, you have to keep your spirits strong! Then, you fall asleep.

Yet another night scene arrives, and your partner isn't in bed. You then go up out of the cliff.

Your partner is staring at the sea, and notices you.'re awake too, huh? Your partner couldn't sleep at all. Can't the two of you be allowed to stay? Can't the two of you stay in this world? When the two of you fought Dialga at Temporal Tower, you fought even though you knew you were going to disappear. Because, even though you knew you were going to vanish, you thought that would save the world. If that's the case...maybe the two of you should do that this time too.

You feel bad for your partner, and think about how you fought Dialga. You think about how, back then, you were willing to disappear if it meant saving the world. You kind of feel the same this time too...but is this situation really the same? But something feels different this time. Your partner asks what you think. You then have a choice of selecting "Yes, perhaps..." or "I don't know...". Choosing "Yes, perhaps..." will reveal your partner has been thinking the same thing too, while if you pick "I don't know..." your partner will tell you you have to. Well can either choose "But something's weird..." or "But something's strange...". Both of them are really the same thing, so pick whatever you like.

After, if you pick, "But something's strange..." your partner will ask you what's strange. You can choose between "Everything Cresselia said..." or "The whole space-distortion idea!". Picking either of them will trigger your partner saying you have to do it. But still...something is different about disappearing this time around. You know something is different...but what is it? You need to think carefully...

You suddenly come up with something--with Dialga, your disappearance wasn't really a choice. You've got to explain this to your partner, and you do. Your partner comes up with the conclusion that nothing about this is certain. Your partner agrees, saying nothing is completely assured. But...

It is a fact that you were a human who came from the future. And your partner did go to the future and then come back to this world. And it does seem that, because of the two of you, space has started to get distorted. There's no escaping the fact that you changed this must be true...suddenly, the sun comes up. It's beautiful...another beautiful dawn. This sunrise makes your partner remember--your partner has seen the sun rise from here before, this isn't the first time. The first time...your partner was with Grovyle. You wonder. Remember when you, your partner, and Grovyle came back from the future, the three of you found home here? That's when your partner saw the sunrise here for the first time. Your partner remembered something about that first's something Grovyle asked it...

A sudden flashback...Grovyle is asking about what happened when Primal Dialga and his Sableye and Dusknoir was there, cornering you. When all hope was given up...Grovyle asked what compelled your partner. How did your partner stay so strong?

Your partner didn't give up when they were trying to escape the future. Your partner guesses that struck Grovyle as strange. That's why Grovyle asked your partner...but your partner didn't know how to answer, your partner didn't know why it was brave back then. Suddenly, it's brought back to the flashback, with your partner answering. Well...your partner wondered too. It really doesn't know...but maybe...maybe it was because you stood by it. Grovyle wonders why you. Taken back to the present...

Your partner managed to be brave because you were always with it. That was when your partner finally realized that's why it told Grovyle. Your partner returns to looking at the sea. Before the two of you lost Grovyle at the Hidden Land...another flashback, and Grovyle is holding Dusknoir as he squirms. Grovyle is telling your partner how this is it for him, he's taking Dusknoir back to the future. Your partner was surprised. Grovyle couldn't ever come back to the present again...your partner tells Grovyle that it can never take Grovyle's place. Your partner must and will. Because your partner can. The two of you are the greatest of combinations.

Back to the present...your partner is telling you how Grovyle entrusted it with his last wish. Your partner is...ashamed. If you're not giving up...then your partner won't give up, either! Your eyes shine in admiration. There must be something that the two of you can still do about this! There has to be a way of fixing things--a way that doesn't involve the two of you dying! Your eyes sparkle again.

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