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Here comes Team Charm!

Upon reaching Chapter 16, the game will show that you have unlocked the fourth Special Episode, named Here comes Team Charm!

At Sharpedo Bluff

After traveling through time, you land in the same beach that you had landed in when you first met your partner. Your partner suggest they go through Treasure Town and inside the guild, however Grovyle stamps that one by saying he won't be welcomed warmly since he's still a criminal in this world. After a few moments of thinking, your partner decides to go to a place on Sharpedo Bluff, but it'll have to require going through Treasure Town. Grovyle says they'll take that risk and you three head off.

Thankfully, no one spotted Team ___ heading over with Grovyle. Your partner leads you to a mound of leaves and pushes them aside, revealing a stairway. The three of you go down the stairs, and your partner reveals this used to be his/her house before joining the guild. It's nice to know that no one has ruined it!

It then shows, you, your partner, and Grovyle talking, with three beds set. Grovyle explains that they will have to collect Time Gears in order to restore them in Temporal Tower. Grovyle says they'll start in Treeshroud Forest, the first place he stole a Time Gear, despite the Underground Lake being closer. Grovyle also explains that it will be easier to steal the Time Gear as there is no one guarding it. However, he says it's late and that they'll start tomorrow, and you all go to sleep.

Phase One

After a while, it will show you asleep, but Grovyle awake, and your partner not in the bed at all. Grovyle notices this, and hurries out, afraid that something happened to your partner.

It turns out that nothing happened to your partner, apart from the fact that he/she couldn't sleep. Apparently, your partner was too busy mulling over thoughts to be able to sleep. Grovyle and your partner have a conversation for a while, and your partner suddenly notices the sun rising up. Grovyle remarks he's never seen that before. Your partner remarks that everything taken for granted is only natural, like the sun. Soon, it becomes morning, meaning you have woken up.

The three of you soon make it to Treeshroud Forest--you'll notice that there is a Kangaskhan Rock there, which means you can go get ready before you enter Treeshroud Forest. The Kangaskhan Rock is recommended as this is an unusually hard dungeon and you may lose some items, and money (although you can't store money in the Kangaskhan Storage anyway). Beware!

Treeshroud Forest

Like stated above, definitely harder than any of the dungeons you faced. You might have noticed that it's strange there, since there's no more time...but let's remember that Grovyle had to "steal" it in order to save the world. The main type here is Psychic. Pokémon here are unrecruitable at first, however after the credits have rolled Pokémon are now able to join your team.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Kadabra (Pokémon) Kadabra 1-9 35 -4.5%
Ralts (Pokémon) Ralts 1-9 31-32 5%
Cherrim (Pokémon) Cherrim 1-9 35-36 1.5%
Houndoom (Pokémon) Houndoom 1-10 31-32 -4.5%
Ninetales (Pokémon) Ninetales 10-20 30 -4.5%
Alakazam (Pokémon) Alakazam 10-20 37 -12%
Kirlia (Pokémon) Kirlia 10-20 37 0.5%
Vespiquen (Pokémon) Vespiquen 10-20 33 -4.5%

No More Time?

Despite the Time Gears being put back, everything is at a standstill in the depths of Treeshroud Forest. Your partner gets confused and looks around, and the three of you go into the deeper in, where Grovyle says there was the Time Gear.

Surprisingly, despite there being no time, there is a Time Gear, shining brightly! Your partner gets even more puzzled and is astounded when Grovyle takes the Time Gear. Grovyle says it makes no difference since time is stopped already. He explains that Temporal Tower is collapsing. Your partner gets confused again and asks what it means. Grovyle explains that, despite the Time Gears being there, it relies entirely on Temporal Tower.

Grovyle leaves your team at this point (sadly). He says that he will go and collect more Time Gears.

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