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These are Anabel's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Emerald

Initial battle
  • Before battle
"Greetings... My name is Anabel. I am the Salon Maiden, and I am in charge of running the Battle Tower... I have heard several rumors about you... In all honesty, what I have heard does not seem attractive in any way... The reason I've come to see you... Well, there is but one reason... Let me see your talent in its entirety..."
  • Being defeated
"Okay, I understand..."
  • If the player is defeated
"It's very disappointing..."
  • After being defeated
"Fufufu, nicely done... Your Frontier Pass, please... Your talent shall be recognized."
"... ... ... ... ... ... You have confidence in your Pokémon battling talent, don't you? I urge you to keep battling and keep on winning. I will be waiting for you. Until the next time we meet..."
  • Before battle
"You really did come back to see me... ... ... ... ... ... ... You've won straight matches to see me... I won't have to hold back against you... It's been too long now... Too long since I've been able to battle without thinking about anything... Let's begin, shall we?"
  • Being defeated
"Thank you..."
  • If the player is defeated
"I'm very sorry..."
  • After being defeated
"Fufu, congratulations... Your Frontier Pass, please..."
"That was fun... I have never had a Pokémon battle so enjoyable before... I wish I could battle with you again..."

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Roadside Motel - Route 8
"It is an honor to meet you, of course, the first Champion of Alola. Please forgive our rude summons. My name is Anabel. I am the head of a secret division within the International Police. We are the UB Task Force."
UB?: "The UBs are the beasts... otherwise known as Ultra Beasts. They are unidentified life-forms that reside in a different world from the one we live in. That Nihilego creature you encountered was one such beast."
Symbiont?: "Yes, UB-01...Symbiont. I suppose you knew it as Nihilego. The International Police refers to all of the UBs by code names, like Symbiont there. I believe you might recognize it as the Pokémon that the woman Lusamine fused with?"
Regardless of choice: "Just as we had thought..."
"Listen. Everything that we are about to share with you is highly classified information. We must ask that you keep all that you learn here to yourself. The incident that Ms. Lusamine caused... Symbiont wasn't the only UB to appear from the Ultra Wormhole that was temporarily opened at the time."
"And so we have been tasked with three duties. The first is to investigate the ecology of these unidentified UBs. The second is to look out for UBs and protect the people from any harm. And the third is to either protect the UBs... or destroy them..."
"But neither myself nor Looker would like to see that happen. Even if they are UBs, they are living creatures. We would like to protect them and save them."
"And so we finally arrive at the point. Let us dispense with any pretense... We wish for you, the Champion of Alola, to lend us your assistance. <Player>... we want you to join our team. Please give your aid to the UB Task Force."
Sure!: "You accept? Thank you very much!"
"I know, Mr. Looker. It is only a formality, but I still must test you to ensure that you can handle this job. <player>. May I ask you to join me in a battle? I will wait until you are ready, so do whatever preparations you need and then speak with me."
"So you're ready for me? Let's begin then, shall we? Let me see your talent in its entirety. No need to hold back."
  • Upon being defeated
  • After being defeated
"Thank you... I believe the testing is complete. I see no problem at all with your skills. Rather I would have to praise you for them. I hope that we will do fine work together."
"There you should find our other partner in this endeavor. The vice-chief of the Alolan branch of the Aether Foundation: Ms. Wicke."
  • If spoken to again
"The lower floors of Aether Paradise. That is where you must go to find the secret labs and to meet with Ms. Wicke."

UB 01 Symbiont: Mission Start

"Welcome back. It would seem that you managed to meet with Ms. Wicke. I also expect Mr. Looker will return shortly."
"Is... something the matter, Mr. Looker? If you spoke in English, I might understand. What has you so bothered?"
"I understand. Then, Mr. Looker. Mr./Ms. <player>. It looks like we have a job to do. My task will be to protect the populated areas. <player>... you will go to where the sighting was reported. Mr. Looker, you are to stay here and coordinate our backup, if we should need it."
"Backup is a vital part of any operation, Mr. Looker. We are entrusting our safety to you."
"Then I will be going ahead. <player>, stay safe!"

After catching Nihilego

"I've finished sending the data from the UB you protected to HQ. And to Ms. Wicke as well. Thank you for your hard work, <player>. With this development, I think we will be able to solve the mysteries surrounding Nihilego."
"Oh? But how would you know that, Mr. Looker? We have only just arrived in Alola..."
"My goodness... That Mr. Looker... Oh, yes. there was one other thing I wanted to tell you. The original plan was that the UB you caught would be collected by the International Police. However, we have been able to secure official permission for you to keep it, <player>. It was a bit of a hassle to get all the details ironed out, but... If we take the UB to headquarters, it would end up as a research subject. I expect it will be much happier staying with you, <player>."
"M-Mr. Looker.. Yes? What is it this time? In English, if you please?"
"I understand. Let us hurry to Melemele Island at once."
"I will go ahead to Melemele Island and set up a new base of operations at the motel there. Please join us there as soon as you're ready, <player>."
Roadside Motel - Route 2
"Thank you for joining us, <player>. Mr. Looker has already set out to gather more information about the UB. I have been waiting here on standby. I expect we will have another visitor soon."
Regardless of choice:"A mysterious person who claims to have some knowledge of the UB. He insisted that he would not share any more details with me until we met in person..."
"But if he does have any real insight into the UB, then we cannot let this opportunity pass us by. So I think it is best if you and I wait to take any further action now. And that we trust Mr. Looker to handle the fieldwork. Though I do feel bad asking him to do all the work for us."
"I must applaud Mr. Looker for that remarkable energy of his. He is in a class of his own, even within the elite members of the International Police... I would never have expected someone like him to serve under my command..."
"Y-you are...?"
"M-Mr. Nanu... My, it really has been a long time... but why in the world are you-?"
"Monster... So you were the one who reached out to us?"
"And... do you have information for us about the UB that has been sighted on the island?"
"Yes. So then... could I trouble you to tell us what it is that you do know?"

UB 02 AbsorptionS/BeautyM: The relationship between the two

"Wait... Wait just a moment! How do you know our code names? That is highly classified information!"
"Mr. Nanu was in fact a superior of mine when I first joined the International Police... I never dreamed that I would meet him once again under circumstances such as these... But if the information that he shared with us is correct, then there are multiple UBs this time."
"The situation is dangerous. If we don't act at once..."
"M-Mr. Looker... In English, if you would..."
"So it appears that his information was correct..."
"No... it's nothing... I understand, Mr. Looker. Then, Mr. Looker. Mr./Miss <player>. It looks like we have a job to do. My task will be to protect the populated areas. <player>. You will go to where the sighting was reported. Mr. Looker, you are to stay here and act as our backup once again, in case we should need it."
"Please understand, Mr. Looker. You do not have a partner Pokémon with you. I cannot allow you to operate in a place where you are likely to encounter danger! And besides that... having such an experienced veteran as yourself serve as our backup is a vital task in an operation like this one."
"Then I must be off. <player>, I wish you fortune in battle!"

After catching BuzzwoleS/PheromosaM

"I've finished sending the data from the UB you protected to HQ. And to Ms. Wicke as well. Thank you for your hard work, <player>. With this data, I think we will be able to solve the mysteries regarding UB AbsorptionS/BeautyM... otherwise known as BuzzwoleS/PheromosaM."
"I'm fine... I'm fine. There were just so many of them this time that I was nearly run off my feet."
"What? I'm fine, really! Please don't stare at me like that!"
"You two must also be tired. What shall we do now?"
"Oh? How curious. How is it that you are once again so familiar with the local restaurants?"
"Mr. Looker is simply hopeless, isn't he?"
"And Mr. Nanu... he was an excellent police officer years ago. He was on par with Mr. Looker even... back then. I'm really only here in this position now because of him..."
"Oh? Mr. Looker? Back so soon again? Could it be..."
"Roger that, Mr. Looker. Then we must hurry to Akala Island at once."
"We will return to that motel that we formerly used as our base of operations on Akala. I hope you will join us there as soon as you are ready, <player>."

UB 03 Lighting: 100kr

Roadside Motel - Route 8
"I've finished sending the data from the UB you protected to HQ. And to Ms. Wicke as well. Thank you for your hard work, <player>. We should unravel the mysteries of Xurkitree, also known as UB Lighting."
"Y...yes... I'm fine, Mr. Looker. I just felt a passing vertigo... but I'm fine. Please do not worry yourself."
"No, please... It is nothing so serious... I'm sorry for causing you to worry about me. I insist that I really am fine... "
"Putting all that aside, I must say that we have found a great ally in <player>. What a fantastic Trainer... It was all that I could do to simply keep that Xurkitree away from the town... The UBs seem to get terribly aggressive when they spot me... It's like they are treating me as prey or an enemy..."
"Mr. Nanu..."
"Are you really?"
"Thank you... for the information, Mr. Nanu."
"Mr. Looker?"
"Mr. Looker... Do I take it that you are acquainted with Mr. Nanu?"
"Of course... Yes, of course you're right. If we have reports of a new UB sighting, then our mission is our first priority..."
"I will move to Ula'ula Island and prepare our new base in the motel there. Please join us there as soon as you are ready, <player>."
Roadside Motel - Route 13
"<player>. Thank you once again for coming."
"Once again we have already gathered the intel on the UB that we are targeting. Mr. Nanu provided us with everything that we needed to know."

UB 04 BladeS/BlasterM: Faller

"We cannot afford any delays. I will protect the populated areas as usual. <player> will go to the site. Mr. Looker, you will stand by. We will ask you to handle backup."
"I'm fine! I can still handle this! I have you to watch my back after all, don't I?"
"Then I will be off now. <player>, I wish you fortune in battle!"

After catching KartanaS/CelesteelaM

"I've finished sending the data from the UB you protected to HQ. And to Ms. Wicke as well. Thank you for your hard work, <player>. We should learn everything there is to know about Kartana, also known as UB BladeS/Celesteela, also known as UB BlasterM."
"And...we have also had word from HQ. There is only one UB left for us to take care of."
"Yes, of course! Both me and my Pokémon were fine! Of course we ran into some difficult situations... Being surrounded by the UBs and outflanked by them made it rather touch and go for a while..."
"What is it, Mr. Looker? You have been acting rather odd for a while now, haven't you?"
"Could it be... Could it be about our long-delayed feast?"
"Hee... How hopeless you are, Mr. Looker. But I suppose we have been putting it off for rather a long time. You must be hungry indeed. Then allow me to take point this time and find a delicious restaurant for us all. ♪"
"It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I'm actually quite famished myself! So you two stay here and relax while I go and find us a place to eat!"
"I'm back..."
"I'm sorry, you two... I couldn't get a reservation at the restaurant... It seems like it's a very popular place..."
"Mr. Nanu... I didn't realize you were here."
"O-oh... Yes, of course we will. Thank you again, Mr. Nanu."
"Um...Mr. Looker? Is everything all right?"
"Then I will make my way to the floating restaurant at Poni Island. Once you are ready, <player>, please do come and join us there."

UB 05 Glutton: 000

Seafolk Village
"I've finished sending the data from the UB you protected to HQ. And to Ms. Wicke as well. Thank you for your hard work, <player>. Now we will be able to learn all there is to know about Guzzlord, otherwise known as UB Glutton."
"Yes... we have successfully contained all of the UBs."
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work on these missions, <player>... And Mr. Looker..."
"One moment please."
"Our truly final mission requires that we go to Aether Paradise and report to Ms. Wicke that we have contained all of the UBs."
"We will be going to Aether Paradise to report to Ms. Wicke about our success. If you are free, why don't you come along as well, <player>?"
Aether Paradise
"<player>, thank you for coming."
"Oh no, we're the ones who should be thanking you, I think... We could not have done it without the use of the Beast Balls that you provided for us."
Regardless of choice: "Yes, Mr. Looker also did a great deal to help us with this mission. But I thought that he left before us. What is taking him so long to get here? I know that I told him that we would meet here. Could something have happened?"
"R-really, Mr. Looker! Even after all this time..."
"I would imagine it must be. What happened that made you so late?"
"But it couldn't be... We haven't had any word from HQ about there being more UBs!"
"So you see? We should be quite safe now."
"And now you can have it. I received a message from HQ saying that our paid leave has been approved."
"They say we are free to do whatever we would like until we get our next orders from HQ. I hope you will also use this chance to relax for a little while, Mr. Looker. I think that I will stay here and have a good look around the Alola region. Not for work this time, but just as a regular tourist doing some sightseeing."
"Sushi...High Roller? Oh no! I completely forgot! I was supposed to be meeting someone!"
"N-no! Not a date! I am meeting with Mr. Nanu! We owe him quite a bit for all his help!"
"So if you will excuse me... <player>, everyone... I'm afraid I must be going. But I really do thank you all. I hope we will all meet again someday!"

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Poni Plains
"So this is Poni Island... I can tell that only the best Trainers in all of Alola gather here."
"Nature and Pokémon and people, surviving together in their own harsh way..."
"You must be the first Champion of Alola. My name is Anabel, and I am part of the International Police. It is a pleasure to meet you."
"It seems as if you're in the middle of a mission. You should wrap that up first. They are tough opponents, but you and your Pokémon should be able to handle them."
  • After dealing with the Ultra Beasts at Poni Grove
"I plan to train at the Battle Tree, so as to be able to complete any assignment as a member of the International Police. Until we meet again..."

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

Battle Tree
  • Before battle
"Being here somehow makes me nostalgic... I remember those days..."
  • Upon being defeated
"Your's real."
  • If the player is defeated
"That was fun... Thank you..."
  • If picked as a Double Battle partner
"Well, I have let up on my mission, so I'll join up with you."

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Anabel (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"It's an honor to meet you. My name is Anabel. I'm the head of a secret division of the International Police."
  • Sync pair viewer
"Being here somehow makes me nostalgic... I remember those days..."
"Let me see your talent in its entirety."
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Looks like we have a job to do."
  • Selection screen (forming team with Looker)
"Back me up, Mr. Looker!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Emma)
"Let's do our best, Emma."
  • Selection screen (forming team with Nanu)
"I'll accompany you, Mr. Nanu."
  • Selection screen (forming team with Palmer)
"This seems...familiar somehow."
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"Until next time!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"What potential!"
  • Upon leveling up
"That should do it!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Look how far we've come!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"We'll strive to be even better."
  • Receiving EX style
"What potential!"
  • During conversation
"Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm! ♪"
"Heh, hah..."
"Good luck!"
"Ngh, hh huh..."
"Oh, no..."
"Thank you."
"I see."
"Ngh, heheheh."
"Until next time!"
"Join me in battle!"
"No need to hold back!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning. I'm about to head out on my morning rounds. Would you care to join me?"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Are you hungry? If you want some help finding a restaurant with good food, I'm more than willing to open an investigation."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"The International Police recommends traveling with your Pokémon when you're out and about at night."
  • During special gift conversation
"You might want this."
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • VS screen
"Let's begin!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Let's go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"You've got this!"
  • Using item
  • Using Trainer move
"On it!"
  • Using sync move or max move
" ours!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Uh-oh!
"Join me in battle!"
  • Switching in
"Here we go!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Get some rest."
  • "Nice" emote
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"Back me up!"
  • "Thanks" emote
"Thank you."
  • Defeat
"Your talent is real."
  • Victory
"Wonderful work."
  • Victory (with Looker on the team, speaks first)
"Mission accomplished!"
  • Victory (with Emma on the team, in response to Emma)
"Mhm. We sure did."
Main Story Villain Arc - Kalos - Team Flare Flares Up
  • Farewell, Looker?
  • Off-screen, as "???"
  • After appearing, as Anabel
"My name is Anabel. I'm the head of a secret division of the International Police."
"Team Rocket! You're under arrest!"
"Mr. Looker! Sorry I'm late."
"Yes, I know. I've already been informed of her identity."
"Thank you for cooperating with Mr. Looker during his investigation."
"Let me join you both from here!"
"Since I'm here now, I won't let either of you get hurt!"
"That's a strong attack, Emma!"
  • Under a Beautiful Night Sky
"I'm sorry for being late to introduce myself."
"My name is Anabel. I'm a member of a secret division of the International Police."
"There is one possibility that I can think of."
"Yes, I recently got some information from the Aether Foundation that some of their research materials were stolen."
"And the research was about..."
Main Story Villain Arc - Alola - Protecting the Island
  • Signs of Disturbance
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Please evacuate quickly, both of you."
  • After appearing, as Anabel
"It's dangerous here."
  • Opened Gate to Other Worlds
"*sigh* How many times has this happened?"
"The reason why Ultra Wormholes are appearing on Pasio must be–"
"Yes, somehow..."
"No. This is my mission."
"And I have other Trainers keeping watch over the town."
"So you heard about that. Impressive."
"You are correct. If I stay out of town, the damage will be kept to a minimum."
"As long as I can protect everyone–especially the Ultra Beasts–I am perfectly content with my role."
"And yet...dealing with the Ultra Beasts only when they appear won't solve the root problem."
"Research data was stolen from the Aether Foundation..."
"Someone must be using it to intentionally make the Ultra Wormholes appear."
"Most likely Team Rocket."
"I imagine Team Rocket's objective is to acquire rare Pokémon via the Ultra Wormholes."
"If Team Rocket is behind this, there's one thing we should keep in mind."
"Considering their usual MO, I believe there's a significant chance that an informant is operating inside the Aether Foundation."
  • Illuminating the Darkness
"Guess they don't want to give us time to talk..."
  • Begin the Counterattack!
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Time for us to trade places."
  • After appearing, as Anabel
"We'll deal with them."
"Use this time to regroup and recover!"
"It's very reassuring to battle alongside the both of you."
  • A Future Together
"It seems they’re continuing to gain knowledge of other organizations’ technology in order to expand their power."
"We need to be extra cautious."
"That’s right."
"Wow! The food there must be great!"
Main Story Villain Arc - Final Chapter - Where Ideals Cross Paths
  • The Adult Way
"An Ultra Beast! So Team Rocket does have them after all!"
  • Conquering Evil
"Well...I guess we can't take back what's been said. It was as you guessed, Paulo."
"In this case, Nanu and I also stepped in to help make this happen, and it wasn't easy."
"But that's how much we want to support you and your feelings, Paulo."
"I am aware this puts some pressure on you, but I'm looking forward to working together."
Special Event - Metronome Day
  • If spoken to
"Battles can get exhilarating when you don't know what moves will be used... And I like that."
"I'll be counting on you, Togepi."
Story Event - Twin Stars Far Apart
  • Archie's Wish
"Here you are, you two."
"Yes. We cannot have anything happen to the stars of the star festival."
"We will stay with you until the star festival ends."
"Well, we did hear Ultra Wormholes are opening more actively recently..."
"It is better than being one step behind when something happens."
"An Ultra Wormhole is just like a door between here and another world."
"Both of you might have seen Ultra Beasts, the Pokémon from other worlds, on Pasio."
"Apparently he's following a case with head detective Emma."
"You improved quite significantly. Your dancing is basically perfect, no?"
"That shouldn't be a problem for you two."
"It's almost time to meet up with Tate and Nanu—"
  • Far, Far Away
"There's no sign of people at all..."
"This looks similar to Pasio, but it seems to be a completely different world."
"Don't worry. I'll protect you no matter what happens, Liza!"
"(Having said that... It's going to be very hard to do that in the current situation, without our Pokémon...)"
"(But on Pasio, there are Pokémon with the power to open Ultra Wormholes!)"
"(If only there was some way for us to let them know our location...)"
"Ah! An Ultra Beast!"
  • No Matter the Distance
"... ... ..."
"...Good, it's not hostile towards us."
"This Pokémon's name is UB-04—no, actually, it's called Celesteela."
"This Ultra Beast shouldn't be in a place like this, based on recent research."
"No reaction at all..."
"Another Ultra Beast?!"
"Liza, be careful! This one looks hostile!"
"Haha... Very hard to read what it's thinking, as expected from a Pokémon from another world."
"Although, something is off. Same for those Ultra Beasts and Celesteela..."
"They're in a completely different place from where they usually live."
"Maybe they wandered in here, just like us..."
"Yes. There might be an Ultra Wormhole that leads to somewhere else."
"What's going on, Liza?!"
"What? Singing? I can't hear anything..."
"Ah, wait!"
"(The twins have a very strong connection...)"
"(Maybe that Ultra Wormhole leads to our original world?)"
"Celesteela! Can you fly us to that Ultra Wormhole?"
"Did it...get the message?"
  • Wish upon a Star
"D-did we...make it back?
"Sure. Leave it to me."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Anabel
"Oh, <player>. I was looking at the sea with my Pokémon."
"The sun set and it got cold, so the other Pokémon went back into their balls—except Snorlax."
"Snorlax is my first partner Pokémon, but everyone else is also my precious friend."
"That is why I try to interact with them on a daily basis."
"Are you interested to know what kind of Pokémon are with me?"
I'm interested!: "OK then. In that case..."
Tell me about them!: "They are..."
"... ... ..."
"Actually, I want to keep them a secret."
"I wonder why. I feel like I shouldn't expose my cards to an opponent before a battle."
"I suddenly felt that way... I'm sorry."
"But my other Pokémon are just as reliable as Snorlax."
You must trust them.: "Yes, they always help me out."
You must be close to them.: "Yes. I feel safe when I'm with them."
"There are times when I feel uneasy because I don't remember the past."
"But my friends are always by my side."
"Have you ever felt the same way, <player>?"
"I feel like my Pokémon try to communicate with me by looking into my eyes."
"Even if we can't talk to one another, I feel like our hearts are connected."
"That's the feeling I get from Snorlax."
Is that why he's your partner Pokémon?: "Yes, but there is also another reason..."
I understand that feeling.: "I'm glad you do. You must have a strong bond with your Pokémon, <player>."
"Seeing Snorlax in a deep sleep gives me a sense of security."
"When I'm in the midst of busy days, working on my duties..."
"he makes me feel like I don't need to rush anything—that I can take things slowly."
"That is why I feel like I can get my memories back if I'm with Snorlax."
I bet you can!: "Thank you, <player>."
I'm sure your memories aren't completely gone!: "That is true. It's not that they've disappeared."
"I will try not to rush now. My memories are important, but..."
"The time I'm spending with Snorlax now is also very important."
"As for now, I will aim to go higher with Snorlax on Pasio."
"We now have a new a Dynamax sync pair."
"Allow us to show you the strength of our bond..."
"as our opponent in battle, <player>."
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"Please give your aid to the UB Task Force."
  • Random conversation
"My duty is to investigate Ultra Beasts and protect the people from any threat they may pose."
"I am permitted to destroy them all, but Ultra Beasts are also living creatures."
"I would like to protect and save them as much as possible."
  • Random conversation
"In Alola and Kalos, there are restaurants where you can have Pokémon battles."
"Don't you think battling and feasting at the same time is the finest luxury?"
  • Random conversation
"A lot of people gather together around tourist spots like Pasio."
"Bad people may be hiding around places like that, so please be careful."
  • Random conversation
"Looker is in a class of his own, even within the elite members of the International Police."
"*chuckle* Were you surprised? I suppose he is usually quite down-to-earth."
"I would never have expected someone like him to serve under my command..."
  • Random conversation
"By the way, have you already tried the Battle Villa on Pasio?"
"I believe with your potential, you should be able to get good results, don't you think?"
"I am very curious to see what kind of tactics you use in battle."
  • Random conversation
"On my days off, I go to Pokémon battle facilities to challenge myself."
"But I don't just have fun, you know?"
"Once you lose, that is it. I follow this rule, and it helps me exercise good decision-making."
"No failure is allowed with my duties."
  • If spoken to again
"Is it too serious and overbearing to think about work on my day off?"
"Staying alert all the time can get tiring."
"Well then, please tell me where I can go on Pasio to have a nice break."
  • Random conversation
"I lost my memory and was taken into custody by the International Police."
"Mr. Nanu took really good care of me... Thanks to him, I am who I am now."
"Mr. Nanu will never admit it, but he is an amazing person."
  • If spoken to again
"I wish someday to regain my memory..."
"I cannot remember now, but...there must be people who took good care of me–and both people and Pokémon I cared about a lot."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"I have been waiting for you, <player>."
"We hope you cooperate with us–the International Police–again today."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning. I'm about to head out on my morning rounds. Would you care to join me?"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Are you hungry? If you want some help finding a restaurant with good food, I'm more than willing to open an investigation."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"The International Police recommends traveling with your Pokémon when you're out and about at night."
  • Special gift conversation
"Perfect timing. There is something I want to give you."
  • After giving out item
"This is to express my gratitude for your continued cooperation."