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This page shows the history of Black's Pokémon team.


Image Description
Black Brav Rufflet.png Black catches a Rufflet and nicknames him Brav.
Black Musha Munna.png Black catches a Munna and nicknames him Musha.
Black Brav.png Brav evolves into Braviary.

Black & White arc

Image Description Chapter
Tep.png Black receives a Tepig from Professor Juniper and nicknames him Tep. Choices
Black Tula.png Black is revealed to have caught a Galvantula and nicknamed him Tula. Letting Go
Trio Badge.png Black wins the Trio Badge. Their First Gym Battle
Basic Badge.png Black wins the Basic Badge. Defeating Stoutland
Nite.png Tep evolves into Pignite and is renamed Nite. The Case of the Missing Pokémon
Insect Badge.png Black wins the Insect Badge.
Bolt Badge.png Black wins the Bolt Badge. Battle on a Roller Coaster
Black Costa Tirtouga.png Black catches a Tirtouga and nicknames him Costa. Growing Pains
Quake Badge.png Black wins the Quake Badge. Underground Showdown
Jet Badge.png Black wins the Jet Badge. The Battle Within
Bo.png Nite evolves into Emboar and is renamed Bo. Museum Showdown
Black Costa.png Costa evolves into Carracosta. A Cold Reception
Freeze Badge.png Black wins the Freeze Badge.
Light Stone Adventures.png Black receives the Light Stone from Brycen.
Black Musha Munna.png Musha leaves Black. A Wretched Reunion
Legend Badge.png Black wins the Legend Badge. Hallway Hijinks
Pokémon League Unova Adventures.png Black competes in the Unova League and wins. True Friends
Black Musha.png Musha rejoins Black's team and is revealed to have evolved into Musharna.
Black Reshiram Adventures.png Black's Light Stone turns into a Reshiram.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Image Description Chapter
Black Reshiram Adventures.png Black releases his Reshiram. The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition