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Hello there. I've been a long-time Pokémon fan and I'm here on Bulbapedia to help out with the many articles here. I'm also on the English Wikipedia as WikiPediaAid where I am currently doing a workpage for a Bulbapedia article on the famed free encyclopedia and I would like for any Bulbapedia users that are also on Wikipedia to help out adding information into the Bulbapedia workpage there and also help clean it up a bit to make it more refined.

However, please do not promote it into a full-fledged Wikipedia article just yet. Previous attempts to make a Wikipedia article about Bulbapedia have been thwarted by members of the site for various reasons (one of them being a lack of "acceptable" citations), despite the existence of Wikipedia articles about other fan wikis such as Wookieepedia and the WoWWiki (which have "acceptable" citations like mentions on Variety or PC Gamer). Also, don't copy and paste information directly from Bulbapedia into the workpage; in the case that information from Bulbapedia does need to be on the workpage, then please put an effort to paraphrase any bit of information if possible. If this workpage can look like a more legitimate Wikipedia article with plenty of unbiased information and "acceptable" citations, then maybe there will be a Wikipedia article about Bulbapedia that will be able to stay on that site.

Creations, projects, and considerations

All of the below are on Bulbapedia only. Creations and projects are shown in chronological order, while considerations come afterward in alphabetical order. In the "type" and "name" columns, creations are boldface, projects are in italics, and considerations are underlined:

BulbaPediaAid's creations, projects, and considerations
Type Name Summary Comments
Article April Fool's Day 2010 Pokémon-related hoaxes and pranks on April 1, 2010. First created article, though it was going to be made whether or not I made it first.
Article Pokémorph Fanon term regarding either characters who can transform into Pokémon or anthropomorphic Pokémon. First article that started as a workpage and second created article. Can be seen within the fanon terminology category. Despite that significant progress has been made since the project began and the article was later moved to the mainspace, it may still need some more information.
Category Podcasts Category that focuses on various significant Pokémon fan podcasts. First created category. The category's first entries were Bulbacast, WTPT - Pokémon Radio, and It's Super Effective.
Template Podcast Infobox for podcast articles. First template. Due to my inexperience in making templates though, I derived from the fan site template to make this template. It also took me a while to get the parser functions down.
Article Pokémon Underground Champions League New Year's Eve 2007-debuted podcast (and its affiliated website) hosted by a person known as "Trainer Thatch" with several recurring co-hosts. It is known for its wacky humor (including fake interviews, fake commercials, and several running gags such as their announcer intro), its colorful cast of hosts, its supposed rivalry with WTPT - Pokémon Radio, its longevity, and for being an explicit Pokémon-focused podcast. Third created article. I never really liked that podcast, but I did believe it finally deserved to be mentioned on Bulbapedia. I worked with the podcast's host Thatch to improve the article.
Article Pokémon Monday Pokémon-centric podcast hosted by Carolyn Gudmundson et al. that's notable for being the first Pokémon fan podcast hosted and run by staff members of a larger, more general audience-focused website (GamesRadar, which focuses on video games in general). Debuted on May 24, 2010, but stopped producing episodes after September 5, 2011. Lasted 47 episodes and had a mixed reaction among Pokémon fans. I really don't like this podcast, but it was popular for a while and it is notable considering what website was behind it. Although I've placed it in my personal Sandbox ('cause I'm not sure if I'll either mainspace the possible article or cancel it in the end), other Bulbapedians are free to edit this.
Article Shapeshifting (transformations) in Pokémon Transformations of non-Pokémon characters (i.e. humans) into Pokémon in both Pokémon canon (e.g. Bill transformed into a Clefairy, Ash Ketchum as a Pikachu) and fanon (e.g. fan fiction about Ashachu). This would be a tough subject to tackle as this focuses on shapeshifting in both the canon and within the fanon, as Pokémon transformations are decently popular in the fandom. Nevertheless, I'm a fan of this subject and would love to do an article about this.
Project Project Spoken Bulbapedia Inspired by Spoken Wikipedia, Project Spoken Bulbapedia would aim to make audio recordings of Bulbapedia articles being read aloud by its members. I really don't know whether or not I should pursue this, as:
  1. I've never done a Spoken Wikipedia article,
  2. I've never ran a Bulbapedia or Wikipedia project, and
  3. Bulbagarden Archives currently does not accept Ogg Vorbis or any other non-image files.