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If you were looking for the character from The Kangaskhan Kid, see Tommy (EP034).
If you were looking for the character from Gonna Rule The School!, see Tommy (AG015).
For Timmy's dad, see Tommy Grimm.


Tommy (Japanese: ヒロミ Hiromi) is a character of the day who appeared in Abandon Ship!.

Tommy in his youth

When Tommy was a young kid, he often trained his Mudkip, which evolved during a Water Gun can shooting session into a Marshtomp. The pair became separated years ago during a voyage aboard the now Forsaken Ship. While Tommy was evacuated safely, he grabbed his bag in the chaos assuming that Marshtomp would be in its Poké Ball, however it wasn't.

Years later, Tommy returned to the Forsaken Ship to reclaim his missing Marshtomp. He met Ash and his friends on board, who had drifted towarsd the wreck after their own vessel had run out of fuel. He provided the group with snack and drinks as they waited for him to finish up his search. After Torchic mysteriously disappeared, Tommy and the group split up to find it. Team Rocket, May and Max were also taken by Swampert, leaving Ash, Brock, and Tommy to continue the search. As Swampert was about to take Pikachu next, he alerted Ash, Brock, and Tommy by shocking Swampert and it emerged from the water. Brock's Mudkip led the pursuit, where Tommy and the others discovered the captives and confronted Swampert.

Tommy stopped Ash from battling Swampert after he recognized the Swampert as the Marshtomp that he had lost. At first, Swampert kept attacking Tommy with Mud Shot as he tried reasoning with it, but after recalling all the fun times, Swampert finally remembered Tommy and both of them hugged each other. With Swampert found, Team Rocket attempted to steal it from him but Swampert easily defeated them with Hydro Pump. Tommy declared that he and Swampert would continue to work together to ensure that the Forsaken Ship remained a refuge for traveling Water Pokémon. Afterwards, Tommy kept his promise and took the group to Slateport City on his boat.


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Tommy's Marshtomp

Tommy's Swampert
Mudkip → Marshtomp → Swampert
Tommy obtained this Swampert as a Mudkip when he was young. After aiming its Water Gun at some cans, it evolved into a Marshtomp. Later, Marshtomp practiced its Iron Tail and was having trouble with the move at first and finally perfected it when Marshtomp smashed a rock it was aiming at. When Tommy was a passenger aboard the now Forsaken Ship, he got separated from Marshtomp during the crash and returned to the ship years later to find it. Sometime before Tommy's return to the wreck, Marshtomp evolved into Swampert and developed a disdain for humans. When Ash and his friends arrived on board, Swampert began to capture them one by one and the prisoners got tied up by an accomplice Spinarak's String Shot.

As Swampert was about to nab Pikachu, Pikachu managed to alert Ash, Brock, and Tommy about its presence. Swampert eventually led them directly to the room where it was holding its hostages. Ash battled it with Corphish, but Swampert easily defeated Corphish with a single Iron Tail. Before Ash called on Pikachu, Tommy tried to reason with it, having realized that it was in fact his Marshtomp. After recalling some of their happy memories, Swampert calmed down and hugged its Trainer as the pair reunited. Team Rocket decided to interfere and try to steal it, but Swampert knocked out Jessie's Seviper with its arm before blasting them off with a Hydro Pump.

Swampert's known moves are Hydro Pump, Water Gun, Iron Tail, and Mud Shot.

Debut Abandon Ship!
Voice actors
Japanese Koichi Sakaguchi (as Swampert)
English Lindsey Warner (as Mudkip)
Kayzie Rogers (as Marshtomp)
Darren Dunstan (as Swampert)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 神谷浩史 Hiroshi Kamiya
佐藤智恵 Chie Satō (as a child)
English Jonathan Todd Ross
Polish Ireneusz Machnicki
Brazilian Portuguese Francisco Freitas
Spanish Latin America Irwin Daayán
Claudio Velázquez (as a child)
Spain Álex Saudinós
Cristina Yuste (as a child)

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