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PS543 : Abyssal Ruins
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS545 : Deduction Time
Dream World
VS Black Kyurem
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 544 in Vol. 54
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 20 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures

Dream World (Japanese: VSブラックキュレム VS Black Kyurem or ドリーム・ワールド Dream World) is the 544th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Having been absorbed into the Light Stone, White sees that she's bumped into N, who she believed was trapped inside the Dark Stone after Kyurem absorbed it. N clarifies that they're now in the Pokémon Dream World, which Zekrom had spoken of in their time together. White realizes that this is the realm Fennel suggested where Black would be; sure enough, she hears Black yell out in frustration as he had planned on having Reshiram and himself absorbed into Kyurem so they could try fighting Kyurem from the inside. Hearing White's voice, Black apologizes for dragging White into the battle, and asks N to take over fighting Kyurem on the inside while he and White leave when Reshiram wakes up. Before he can talk about their unresolved debt, Black is stunned silent as White pulls him into a hug, welcoming him back.

A sudden upheaval and loud voice from Reshiram interrupts the moment, warning Black that it can no longer resist Kyurem's call to awaken. Reshiram shows the group a vision of Ghetsis standing on top of Black Kyurem, revealing that Kyurem has successfully fused with the Deep Black Pokémon. Awed by Kyurem's newfound power, Colress has Ghetsis order a Freeze Shock that instantly freezes Undella Town and the nearby ocean over without the power of the Plasma Frigate. As the villains recognize the Light Stone floating in mid-air, Black and White prepare to leave the Dream World. Black requests N to take over his role of attacking from within as he asks White to not let go of his hand. Adapting his catchphrase, White affirms that she'll never let go of Black again as they leap into a bright void.

Out on the sea again, White initially only sees her Vullaby and starts to panic if she had dreamt the entire encounter, only for Black, Reshiram and Brav to reveal themselves above her. Under Black and White's command, the three Pokémon launch a combination aerial attack that White had practiced with Brav and Barbara two years prior, but are forced to call off the attack as N is sighted falling onto Black Kyurem. The delay allows Ghetsis to attack everyone with Fusion Bolt as Black and White are surprised that N was forced out too; N admits he was thrown out of the Dream World shortly after Black and White left, and he can no longer hear Zekrom's voice. Amused, Colress asks Ghetsis to get rid of N; despite N calling him "father", Ghetsis knocks N off of Black Kyurem with his staff. Before he can dive in to save N, Black is stopped by a sudden smokescreen. Ascertaining White's safety, Black is forced to wait for the smoke to fade, revealing that the Plasma Frigate, N and Black Kyurem have all disappeared. From their vantage point, White spots Blake and Whitley having washed ashore, along with Reshiram, Kelden and the Swords of Justice watching over them.

Black is surprised to see the Pokémon he'd previously encountered, while White recognizes Blake and Whitley as Dewott Kid and Foongus Girl from the film they shot at Pokéstar Studios, causing Black to suffer an information overload from not having caught up with developments for two years. White assures him that Blake and Whitley are also Pokédex holders as they are, showing him Blake's Pokédex; this causes Blake to promptly wake up and put White in a chokehold from the surprise. Quickly freeing White at the sight of Black's anger, Blake addresses his seniors, revealing that he knows who they are, including the knowledge that Black was previously imprisoned in the Light Stone. White's query of Blake's knowledge is interrupted as Looker calls Blake on his phone, distraught over Blake's dismissal, but Blake simply disconnects from the call. White is surprised that Blake is a police inspector given his age, and Blake candidly points out that White ran BW Agency when she was just as young, annoying White with his response.

Blake consults his seniors over what happened, including the disappearance of Black Kyurem and the Plasma Frigate. Reasoning that the team's next priority is to locate Kyurem, Blake asks why Black hasn't already done "that thing" to help out, causing Black to take offense before White calms him down. Releasing Musha, Black orders his Pokémon to clear his mind out again by eating his dreams.

Major events

  • White and N enter the Pokémon Dream World, which is linked to the Light Stone.
  • White reunites with Black.
  • Kyurem successfully absorbs Zekrom and changes into Black Kyurem.
  • Kyurem freezes Undella Town.
  • Black and White exit the Light Stone.
  • Black attempts to fight Ghetsis and Kyurem, but is defeated.
  • N is revealed to have been forced out of the Dream World alongside Black and White.
  • Seeing that N poses a threat to the stability of Kyurem's Absofusion, Ghetsis throws him into the sea.
  • Team Plasma escapes thanks to a smokescreen.
  • Black and White meet Blake and Whitley for the first time.
  • Blake asks for Black's assistance in locating the Plasma Frigate.
For a list of all major events in the Pokémon Adventures manga, please see the history page.
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Pokémon debuts





  • The first part of this chapter was released on May 24, 2019. The second part was released on June 20, 2019.

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PS543 : Abyssal Ruins
Black 2 & White 2 arc
PS545 : Deduction Time
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