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PS389 : Cautious Clefairy
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS391 : Luring in a Lickilicky
Licking Lickitung
Pokétch and Campaign
VS ベロリンガ
VS Beroringa
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 390 in Vol. 35
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 53 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Jubilife City

Licking Lickitung (Japanese: VS ベロリンガ VS Lickitung), titled VS Lickitung in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 390th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 53rd chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Pokétch and Campaign (Japanese: ポケッチとキャンペーン Pokétch and Campaigns) in the VIZ Media translation and Pokétchs and Campaigns in the Chuang Yi translation.


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The narration follows Diamond as he makes his way to Lake Verity. It notes that Diamond has just arrived at Jubilife City, yet Diamond finds himself at a dead end. He realizes that he has taken a wrong turn, and the narration corrects itself when Diamond finally makes it to the city.

Diamond recognizes Jubilife City as the same place where he entered the comedy contest with Pearl, as well as where he first met Platinum. He smiles as he realizes he is back where his journey first began. Before continuing to Lake Verity, Diamond decides to have lunch with his Pokémon. He sets some rice balls on a tree stump, then checks his Town Map. While he is reading the map, the rice balls are swiped away. When Diamond turns to look for them, his map also vanishes. After eating the remainder of his rice balls, he and his Pokémon rush to find out who could have taken his map.

As Diamond runs, he crashes into a man in a suit. After righting himself, Diamond continues to worry about the map, but the man asks him about the Pokétch on his wrist. Diamond is confused, and the man yells at him for having such a high-tech device and never using it. He shows him the functions of the Pokétch, including the Marking Map application. When Diamond asks the man why he knows so much about his Pokétch, he reveals himself to be its inventor, as well as the president of the Pokétch Company.

When the Pokétch Co. President explains that the Pokétch comes in both red and blue, Diamond notes that Pearl's is orange. The president realizes that Diamond has a Pokétch that was ordered by Professor Rowan. He explains that he had an orange one made so it couldn't be mixed up with the others. The president tells Diamond that he is the perfect candidate to help promote the Pokétch, and dresses him up as a Clown.

Later, the Pokétch Co. President stands at a booth with Diamond to advertise Pokétches through a quiz. When he shows the device to a Young Couple, it is suddenly swiped from his hand. The president is shocked, then looks down to see several droplets on his palm. The Young Couple notes that they thought they saw a pink arm take the Pokétch, but Diamond realizes it was a tongue.

Following a trail of droplets, Diamond and the Pokétch Co. President find a wild Lickitung. Diamond realizes the Lickitung must be hungry, then makes a plan to catch it. He sends his Pokémon towards it, but the Lickitung curls itself into a ball and rolls into them. Lickitung swings its tongue at Don, who withstands the attack and flips it. Getting back up, the Lickitung grabs Don with its tongue and swings it against the ground. The Lickitung then begins to tremble, surrounded by a bright light. When the light fades, a Lickilicky appears in its place. The president tells Diamond that it's time to catch it, but Diamond reveals that he doesn't have a Poké Ball.

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PS389 : Cautious Clefairy
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS391 : Luring in a Lickilicky
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