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バショウ Bashō
Gender Male*
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto
Member of Team Rocket
Rank High-Ranking Officer
Partner Attila
Anime debut The Legend of Thunder!
English voice actor Veronica Taylor
Japanese voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa

Hun (Japanese: バショウ Bashō) is a member of Team Rocket. He appeared along with his partner, Attila, in The Legend of Thunder!.


The Legend of Thunder!

Hun introduced Attila to Professor Sebastian, who showed them the Miracle Crystal weapon. The crystal's ability to manipulate electricity proved useful in the pair's quest to lure Raikou out of hiding. However, Jimmy and Marina defeated the Rocket duo and brought Raikou to a local Pokémon Center to recover from its injuries.

The following day Raikou was again attracted to the Miracle Crystal. The Legendary attempted to attack the crystal, but this only charged the device which allowed Attila to activate the capture bubble. As the wall of purple energy engulfed Raikou, Jimmy and the others combined their power to eventually destroy the bubble. However, Raikou was still captured, and Marina was as well. Hun and Attila quickly fled with their catch in their aircraft, but Raikou managed to escape the cargo hold.

Hun and Attila landed again, and their Miracle Crystal led Raikou, Jimmy and the others directly to their location. Raikou was quick to destroy the mecha, but the Miracle Crystal unexpectedly reverted to its "auto-destruct" mode and sunk its electric hooks into Raikou. The group's efforts helped Raikou finally break the crystal system. As the crystal cracked, Hun and Attila realized that the ultimate system has met the ultimate Pokémon. They then run away, leaving becoming legends for another day.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Hun was featured in the opening sequence of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. He and Attila used a series of missiles to capture a Rayquaza, and they presented it to Professor Sebastian for further study.


Hun and Attila

Hun maintains a composure, and his calm nature kept his brutish partner Attila in line. He is an intelligent individual, and took on the lead role during the hunt for Raikou. While he is usually stoic, aspects of his more vindictive personality shone through as time went on. Initially he seemed indifferent to the interference of Jimmy and his friends to save Raikou; yet, by the final confrontation, he seemed to enjoy ordering his Steelix to attack them.

Hun is one of the few members of Team Rocket who mentions the beliefs of the organization, which he seems to agree with rather strongly. He frequently stated that Pokémon are only creatures which exist to serve humans. This is consistent with part of the Team Rocket manifesto, "All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." Yet, he acknowledged Raikou's intelligence, and spoke to it no differently than he did to any of the human characters. It seems that he has accepted that Pokémon are sentient, intelligent creatures, yet still believes they exist only as servants to humanity.


Hun's Steelix
Steelix is Hun's main battling Pokémon. According to him, it enjoys coaxing aggression out of others. It was used to attack Raikou, as well as Jimmy, Marina, and Vincent. Its gargantuan size makes it an intimidating opponent capable of crushing any foe. It often ambushes its opponents by burrowing underground before striking with an Iron Tail or Crunch attack.

Steelix's known moves are Sandstorm, Crunch*, Rock Throw, Dig, and Iron Tail.

Debut The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka


Sugimori Attila Hun anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of Attila and Hun for the anime

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 森川智之 Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Veronica Taylor
Brazilian Portuguese Cláudia Carli
European Spanish María Jesús Nieto


  • The origin of his Japanese name is Matsuo Basho, considered one of the greatest haiku poets in history. As both he and Yosa Buson flourished during the Edo period, some have suspected that both were also ninja employed by the administration. This may be a reason why these names were chosen for Attila (whose Japanese name is Buson) and Hun.
  • Like the other Rocket duos, his and his partner's names together form the name of a famous historical villain: in this case, Attila the Hun.
  • According to concept art, Hun's design is meant to be evocative of a fox while Attila's is meant to evoke a raccoon-dog.

Issue regarding gender

Hun is male in the original Japanese version. However, according to a Maddie Blaustein Q&A, due to a mistranslation in the script, Hun's gender is changed to female in the English dub. Despite that, Hun is never directly mentioned in dialogue as either male or female; the only pronouns referring to Hun are those used collectively with Attila, such as "those men" or "those guys".

In the Brazilian version, Hun is referred to as ela and dela. Likewise, in the European Portuguese he is named Ana, which is a name that is usually given to women.


Language Name Origin
Japanese バショウ Bashō From 松尾芭蕉 Matsuo Bashō.
English, French,
German, Italian
Hun From Attila the Hun.
Spanish Juno From Juno, Huns.
Portuguese Ana
Chinese (Mandarin) 巴修 Baxiū Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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