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Hi-Hat Café ハイハットカフェ
Hi-Hat Café
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Hi-Hat Café DET.png
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Location: Below the Baker Detective Agency
Region: Ryme City
Generations: VI/VII

Location of Hi-Hat Café in Ryme City.
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The Hi-Hat Café (Japanese: ハイハットカフェ Hi-Hat Café) is a café owned by Pablo Millan in Ryme City in the game Detective Pikachu. It is located on the first floor of a building south of Tahnti Park, above the Baker Detective Agency. It is first visited at the end of Chapter 2.




Name origin

Hi-hat refers to a type of cymbals found in a drum set.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 高帽咖啡館 Gōumóu Gafēgún
Mandarin 高帽咖啡館 Gāomào Kāfēiguǎn *
踩镲咖啡馆 Cǎichǎ Kāfēiguǎn *
France Flag.png French Hi-Hat Café
Germany Flag.png German Hi-Hat Café
Italy Flag.png Italian Hi-Hat Café
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Café Hi-Hat
Hi-Hat Café
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hi-Hat Café
Thailand Flag.png Thai ไฮ-แฮต คาเฟ่ Hi-Hat Café

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