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User:Team Magma Zangoose

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Who is this idiot?!

I am a major Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald fanboy, which is this wiki's fault entirely. My first Pokémon game was Pearl, and it is still the only game that I get a nostalgia kick from. I encountered Bulbapedia one day by accident, and finding it a vastly superior informational source to Serebii, spent a lot of time reading pages before finally making an account. Emerald is my newest game, which I bought after reading about all the awesome Hoenn locations on here and subsequently deciding that Hoenn must be the best region. Indeed, it has the best music and locations.

As a user, I mostly do Wikignome stuff but have written major sections of the R/S, E, and DP walkthroughs.

As a Trainer, I prefer Special attackers but will use any Pokémon I think is cool-looking. I give my Pokémon weird nicknames, as you can see at the bottom of this page.

See my massive collection of usertags for other useless information.

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