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Staff of Pokémon Dash

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This list of staff members worked on the spin-off game, Pokémon Dash, for the Nintendo DS. It was published by Nintendo and developed by Ambrella.


Game Designers

  • Miki Obata
  • Norio Matsumura

Game Concept

  • Ein Terakawa
  • Yoshihiro Hatta

Planners and Direction

  • Muneaki Ozawa
  • Miki Obata
  • Shin Obata
  • Yoshihiro Hatta
  • Nario Matsumura
  • Kunimi Kawamura


  • Takayuki Ito
  • Yosuke Suma
  • Nayuta Taga
  • Ein Terakawa
  • Hisato Matsumoto


  • Miki Obata


  • Hiroki Iwasaki
  • Shin Naka
  • Hiroyuki Yamanaka

Course Designers

  • Yoshiyuki Oku
  • Norio Matsumura

European Coordination

  • Hiroyuki Uesugi

English Translation

  • Hira Nakamura

French Translation

  • Sabrina Bretant

German Translation

  • Daniel Schäfers

Italian Translation

  • Elena Nardo

Spanish Translation

  • Palma Sánchez de Maya


  • NOE Product Testing
  • Alessio Danieli
  • Daniel Barsan
  • Steffen Lotz
  • Stefania Montagnese
  • Arrate Ugarte

Package Illustration

  • Ken Sugimori


  • Sakae Kimura
  • Chiaki Sinkai
  • Sachiko Nakamichi
  • Fujiko Nomura

Pokémon Voice (PIKACHU)

  • Ikue Ohtani

Development Support

  • Masayuki Miura
  • Hizuki Misono
  • Takahiro Onishi
  • Takao Nakano

Special Thanks

  • Ken Sugimori
  • Kenkichi Toyama
  • Junichi Masuda
  • Masato Ishii
  • Masamichi Anazawa
  • Satoshi Mitsuhara
  • Suichi Narusawa
  • Toshifumi Sayama
  • Adrian Michalski

Pokémon Original Director

  • Satoshi Tajiri


  • Kunimi Kawamura
  • Hitoshi Yamagami

Executive Producer

  • Satoru Iwata

Executive Producer

  • Tsunekaz Ishihara

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