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Staff of Pokémon Yellow

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This list of staff members worked on Pokémon Yellow Version. This game was published by Nintendo and developed by Game Freak and Creatures, Inc. All names are given in Western order.




Character Design


  • Junichi Masuda

Sound Effects

  • Junichi Masuda
  • Tetsuya Watanabe

Game Design

  • Satoshi Tajiri
  • Kohji Nishino

Monster Design

  • Ken Sugimori
  • Atsuko Nishida
  • Hironobu Yoshida

Game Scenario

  • Satoshi Tajiri
  • Toshinobu Matsumiya

Parametric Design

Map Design

  • Satoshi Tajiri
  • Kohji Nishino
  • Nobuhiro Seya

Product Testing

  • Kazuhito Sekine
  • Nobuhiro Seya
  • Kazushi Shimamura
  • Teruyuki Shimoyamada

Special Thanks

  • Shogakukan Production

Pikachu Voice


  • Takehiro Izushi
  • Takashi Kawaguchi
  • Tsunekazu Ishihara

US Version Staff

US Coordination

  • Gail Tilden
  • Naoko Kawakami
  • Hiro Nakamura
  • Randy Shoemaker
  • Sara Osborne

Text Translation

  • Nob Ogasawara


  • Teruki Murakawa
  • Kohta Fukui

Character Design

  • Takehiko Hosokawa

Special Thanks

  • Kenji Okubo
  • Takahiro Harada
  • Kimiko Nakamichi
  • Kamon Yashimura
  • Sakae Yamazaki

Product Testing

  • Paad Testing
  • NCL Super Mario Club

Executive Producer

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