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Victim of Venusaur
VS. Fushigibana
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 6
Round number 78
Location Cerise Island
Previous Round Striking Golduck
Next Round Airing Out Aerodactyl

Victim of Venusaur (Japanese: VSフシギバナ VS. Fushigibana) is the 78th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Following the events of the previous round, Bill and Lt. Surge are still hanging onto the Magneton. Suddenly, something under them begins to glow, and Hitmonlee's foot tangles with Surge, pulling him down and making him release the Magneton and fall.

Then, Bruno appears showing that he survived the fall by hanging onto his Hitmonlee. Lt. Surge's quick thinking allows to catch himself with Magneton, but Hitmonlee attacks the Magneton, releasing Surge and making him fall towards the acid. However, a vine suddenly appears and rescues him just in time, and Surge's spoon starts to bend towards the end of the vine, revealing Saur and Red!

Red then greets Bill and Surge and rides his bike down on the Onix. Saur immobilizes Hitmonlee with Sweet Scent and brings Surge back. As Red is thanked by Surge and greeted by Bill, Yellow and Blaine are still on the other side of the wall, observing everything. Then, the cave starts dropping and Blaine remarks that Electrode's Selfdestruct broke the wall between the caves, and the one they are in is flooding!

Then, after a blow, Blaine is shocked to see Yellow without "his" hat. And both are taken away by the flooding.

Major events

  • Bruno has survived after falling in the acid lake.
  • Red saves Lt. Surge after falling down to the acid lake.
  • Blaine learns of Yellow's true gender.
  • Blaine and Yellow are washed away after a part of the cave falls in.
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