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Ice Cream Syndrome

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If you were looking for the CD single, see Ice Cream Syndrome (single).
アイスクリーム シンドローム
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Ice Cream Syndrome
Ice Cream Syndrome
Movie 13 ED
Artist スキマスイッチ
Sukima Switch
Lyrics 大橋卓弥/常田真太郎
Takuya Ōhashi/Shintarō Tokita
Composer 大橋卓弥/常田真太郎
Takuya Ōhashi/Shintarō Tokita
Arrangement 大橋卓弥/常田真太郎
Takuya Ōhashi/Shintarō Tokita
Title アイスクリーム シンドローム
Ice Cream Syndrome
Catalog no. AUCL-33, AUCL-20010 (DVD)

Ice Cream Syndrome (Japanese: アイスクリーム シンドローム Ice Cream Syndrome) is the Japanese ending theme song for the thirteenth Pokémon movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions. It is written, composed, and performed by Sukima Switch.


Japanese Romaji English
関係はいたってフラットだ Kankei wa itatte furatto da Our relationship is a casual one
なんでも話せるくらいかな Nandemo hanaseru kurai kana To the point that we can talk about anything
付き合いは長いが Tsukiai wa nagai ga We've been together a long time
何も変わらないよなあ Nanimo kawaranai yo nā But nothing's changed, has it?
せっかく用意したムードも Sekkaku yōishita mūdo mo Even the mood that gets set up with such pains
茶化されて終わってしまうんだよ Chakasarete owatte shimaun dayo Gets poked fun at and is brought to an end
打ち明けられないまま Uchiakerarenai mama I can't speak my mind
かっこのつかないまま Kakko no tsukanai mama I can't add parentheses
太陽は暑く照ってる Taiyō wa atsuku tetteru The sun shines scorchingly
Tシャツが汗ばんでる T-shatsu ga asebanderu My T-shirt is drenched in sweat
じめっとした僕みたい Jimettoshita boku mitai It's like I'm all damp
いつまでも乾かないや Itsumademo kawakanai ya I'll never get dry
逃げ込んで入ったコンビニ Nigekonde haitta konbini I ran into a convenience store to escape
懐かしいコミックは購入 Natsukashī komikku wa kōnyū And bought a nostalgic comic book
君がいればどうかな Kimi ga ireba dōkana How would it be if you were here?
一緒に笑えるかな Issho ni waraeru kana Would you laugh with me?
もう何年演じてんだろう Mō nannen enjiten darō We've been acting it out for so many years
親友としてのキャステイング Shin'yū toshite no kyasutingu Casted as best friends
距離感はいいんだが Kyorikan wa iin daga The distant feeling is okay
でも本音を言えばつらいや Demo honne o ieba tsurai ya But it would be tough if I could say my true intents
相談しやすいって言うけど Sōdan shiyasui tte iu kedo You say it's easy to discuss
いつも君の恋愛トーク Itsumo kimi no ren'ai tōku But you're always talking about your love life
微妙な心ん中バレないようにして Bimyō na kokoronnaka barenai yō ni shite I keep it inside my delicate heart to not be found out
この目の奥に映ってる笑顔 Kono me no oku ni utsutteru egao I want the smile reflected deep in my eyes
僕だけのもんにしたいんだ Boku dake no mon ni shitainda To only belong to me;
どうにか焼き付けられないかな Dōnika yakitsukerarenai kana For whatever reason, it won't be burned in there
そっとファインダー覗いたら Sotto faindā nozoitara If I softly peek into the finder
想像よりずっとずっと遠くに Sōzō yori zutto zutto tōku ni If seems like you're even
君がいる気がした Kimi ga iru kigashita Further and further away than I imagined
いつかは誰かと消えていってしまう Itsuka wa dareka to kieteitte shimau Someday you'll disappear with someone
見上げれば青い空 Miagereba aoi sora If I look up, there's a jet plane
真っ二つに割っていくジェット機 Mapputatsu ni watteiku jettoki Tearing the blue sky in half
はるか空へ 夏が飛んでく Haruka sora e natsu ga tondeku The summer is flying away to the distant sky
季節がもう過ぎていく Kisetsu ga mō sugiteiku The seasons are already passing by
かげろうの中で立ってる Kagerō no naka de tatteru We stand awkwardly
不器用なだけの僕ら Bukiyō na dake no bokura Amidst the haze of heat
ぼやけてる世界でも Boyaketeru sekai demo Even in this blurred world
君だけはゆがまないや Kimi dake wa yugamanai ya Only you remain without distortion
友情っていう名前のシンドローム Yūjō tteiu namae no shindorōmu The syndrome called "friendship"
出口のない永久迷路 Deguchi no nai eikyū meiro Is a perpetual labyrinth without exit
動くのも怖いから Ugoku no mo kowai kara It's frightening even to move
踏み出せないでいる Fumidasenaideiru So I can't take a step forward
食べようとしていたはずのアイスクリーム Tabeyō toshiteita hazu no aisukurīmu The ice cream that I had meant to eat
ベタベタに溶けていたんだ Betabeta ni toketeitanda Has melted all over
運命って待ってくれないんだな Unmei tte mattekurenain dana Destiny doesn't wait
今逢いたいすぐにでも Ima aitai sugu ni demo Though I want to encounter it right now
いつになくまじめな声で Itsu ni naku majime na koe de Maybe I'll try calling it out
誘い出してみようかな Sasoidashitemiyō kana With an unusually serious voice
そのまま連れ去ってしまえたならもう Sonomama tsuresatte shimaeta nara mō If I had taken it away like that
いきおいで抱え込んだ思いも Ikioi de kakaekonda omoi mo I might already be able to vigorously convey
伝えられるかも Tsutaerareru kamo The feelings I hold
そのファインダー覗いたら Sono faindā nozoitara If I peek into that finder
手が届きそうになるほどそばに Te ga todokisō ni naru hodo soba ni I hope that you look close enough
君が見えたらいいな Kimi ga mietara ii na That I could reach my hands to you
幸せは増えたって減るもんじゃない Shiawase wa fuetatte herumon janai If happiness increases, it's not a big deal
君とならどんな一瞬だって Kimi to nara donna isshun datte When I'm with you, no matter when
きらめいて見える Kirameite mieru You always seem to sparkle

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