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World Axle - B2F
Pokémon Rumble Blast
World Axle - Deepest Level

World Axle - Shaft (Japanese: せかいのはしら シャフト World Pillar Shaft) is the nineteenth region of Pokémon Rumble Blast. It consists of several floors infiltrated by the Dark Legion. Cobalion will join the player through this level on the first playthrough. All the Pokémon encountered here, except for Cobalion, are rusted.

Dark Legion Base


Cobalion Cobalion

Hostile Pokémon

Houndoom Houndoom
Sableye Sableye
Absol Absol
Honchkrow Honchkrow
Weavile Weavile


  • All the Pokémon encountered here will not drop as toys.
  • The battle music is the same that is played in tower areas.
  • All of the Pokémon encountered here can normally only be encountered post-ending.
  • All Pokémon found here are Dark-type.

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