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  • Archive 1 (5 October 2010 - 16 September 2022)

Archiving your talk page

When you want to archive your talk page, you should move it to the new title, as explained in Bulbapedia:Talk page policy. This preserves the entire edit history of the page, while copy/pasting to a new "archive" does not. I hope you can remember this in the future.

I figured it would just be expedient to redo it for you. Hope that's okay for you. Cheers. Tiddlywinks (talk) 03:07, 20 September 2022 (UTC)

This is probably my fault. I think I misexplained it to them, even though I did link to the policy. My sincerest apologies. Landfish7 03:08, 20 September 2022 (UTC)
Yeah I see what happened. I must have been really tired or just completely misremembered, considering I literally linked the policy and have archived my page twice before. I would just completely disregard the explanation I made and go ahead and thoroughly read the policy next time you need to archive your talk page. I am truly embarrassed and I can't apologize enough times. Landfish7 03:23, 20 September 2022 (UTC)
I'm thinking my brain must have brought forward the way other wikis do it, as some wikis specifically recommend the copy and paste approach. Here, we clearly do not. Anyway, thanks for your understanding. Landfish7 03:37, 20 September 2022 (UTC)

Incomplete JN136 Staff list edit

In response to your staff list edit for JN136:

I'd appreciate it if - when you add a staff list to an episode page - you also added the staff list to the fitting Anime staff by episode page. It's honestly no big deal, but I just wanted to leave this here. (I have already added it for this specific case here, just a reminder for the future.) --DomiDsLP (talk) 17:07, 7 December 2022 (UTC)

Narrating Previews

Please stop adding to the trivia section "Dot and her Quaxly narrate the preview for the next episode". At this point this is something that's been happening every single episode and seems like a regular thing, so no need to mention it. --IcySealeo 16:57, 26 May 2023 (UTC)

User:Playerking95/Brave Asagi

Due to the number of mainspace templates being used on this page, it was causing a number of backend wiki maintenance issues. Given that the content on your userpage was all completely in the mainspace too, your draft has been deleted to repair the back end wiki issues. Thank you for your contributions for the page!

I did want to mention one more thing. Based on your comments here, I wanted to just quickly mention that everyone on the wiki is a team working towards the same goal. Creating pages isn't a race or a competition or anything, but I can understand your frustration that you put in the work at the same time someone else did, and the staff wasn't able to accommodate two pages on the same subject. Just keep up the positive work ethic going forward, and hopefully editing the anime section can be a better experience for all contributors going forward. MaverickNate 08:45, 4 July 2023 (UTC)


I'm sensing a possible edit war going on with the preview so to avoid such a thing, can you clarify what you mean with your edits so we can discuss them with the others?--BigDocFan, Junior Admin Bulbapedia (talk) 10:46, 18 August 2023 (UTC)

No edit war, just undoing NoName's unneeded deletion. Playerking95 (talk) 10:51, 18 August 2023 (UTC)

Wrong assumptions for anime episodes

Please avoid making likely to be wrong assumptions about newly aired episodes of the main anime without at least having proven your assumptions to be right or wrong.

This is in relation to today's HZ037 and you guessing that the Rising Volt Tacklers have arrived back in Paldea as well as assuming that the anime takes place in Asado Desert - both of which being wrong assumptions.

--DomiDsLP (talk) 12:09, 26 January 2024 (UTC)

Episode page

Hi, I've noticed that you edit a lot of anime episode pages upon airing. If it's not too much trouble, could you please try to keep the phrasing of the eyecatch trivia consistent with the earlier episodes? Thank you. → PikaTepig999 09:46, 2 March 2024 (UTC)

This episode is redundant for the article and while feels like the wrong word to use. Feels weird. Playerking95 (talk) 05:23, 3 March 2024 (UTC)
How about "and" instead of "while"? The first eyecatch features Liko and Sprigatito, and the second features Roy and his Fuecoco. → PikaTepig999 06:41, 3 March 2024 (UTC)
Sure. Playerking95 (talk) 06:03, 4 March 2024 (UTC)