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Welcome to Bulbapedia, Huntress!
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Thank you, and have a good time editing here!
  TheICTLiker4piszże do mnie 10:21, 14 October 2019 (UTC)  

Citation needed

Is there any reason why you are adding Template:Fact to seemingly random TCG articles? Mr. Daikon (talk) 20:57, 9 December 2019 (UTC)

It's because there isn't any reference to confirm that the information is correct.Huntress (talk) 20:59, 9 December 2019 (UTC)
It's pretty clear from the images of the cards what set they're from. Mr. Daikon (talk) 21:01, 9 December 2019 (UTC)
How I looked at Pachirisu and didn't see anything?Huntress (talk) 21:04, 9 December 2019 (UTC)

Master Trainer trivia

May I ask why did you remove that specific Batman trivia point from the Master Trainer article, yet didn't touch on any other name origin trivia in the same trivia section? --FinnishPokéFan92 (talk) 16:24, 20 April 2024 (UTC)

Because I think this is slightly more speculative than the other points, which are all Pokémon related. Just because I removed the Batman one doesn't mean I agree with the other points, I removed the least likely one to be bold and see if any staff members agree, or disagree with me. Which reminds me, you've been blocked for edit warring in the past, but you've gone and done it again. You're not an admin, so don't keep reverting an edit, and adding back information which requires an inference.Huntress (talk) 18:01, 20 April 2024 (UTC)
If you want to see how admins think about something you want to remove, please discuss it with an admin before doing so. As for my reversals, I am aware of that block I received in the past and thus will not revert anything more than twice these days before talking with other users, which I have done over on Discord, where several others seem to support restoring the trivia point you removed. --FinnishPokéFan92 (talk) 19:36, 20 April 2024 (UTC)

Conduct warning

Your comment in the above discussion about Finnish's prior block is not appropriate, and can be interpreted as mini-modding, which itself is a blockable offense. Additionally, since both you and Finnish reverted twice, this can have the appearance that both of you were initiating an edit war. I'd ask that you please review the code of conduct and blocking policy. Maintaining a courteous and welcoming environment on the wiki is paramount, so please use talk pages in a respectful way to resolve disputes. Thank you. Landfish7 23:00, 20 April 2024 (UTC)


Hello, this message is to inform you that you have been blocked for three days for harassing another user regarding edits. As per our Code of Conduct policy: "Do not use insults, demanding language, or harassment to make a point or advance an argument. Do not tease or mock other users for warnings or blocks that they have received." Regardless of whether or not Force Fire were to respond to your talk page comments or those of an admin, intimidating and talking down to another user is never acceptable. If you feel a user's edits are a problem, either bring up the topic in question on that page's talk page or let an admin know about the issue at hand. While it can be frustrating to see an edit undone or another user make an edit you do not agree with, being aggressive about it is not the right way to go about things. Your edits are appreciated but do not be aggressive about it in the future, thank you. Frozen Fennec 15:48, 16 May 2024 (UTC)

I don't think I did anything terribly bad, plus I didn't like how aggressive Force Fire was with me regarding Ash's Bayleef's gender, their logic was I had to prove that something didn't happen, so apparently it's "guilty until proven innocent" which is not how any fair systems would work, and would be a clear breach of human rights. They based their entire argument on a talk page comment from many years ago, which is not a valid source. So when Force Fire treated another user similarly to me, regarding gender confirmation I really wanted to have a say, as I believe I was a victim of Force Fire's tyranny and would not want anyone else to suffer again, thanksHuntress (talk) 16:06, 19 May 2024 (UTC)
As previously mentioned, if you have problems with other users that you cannot sort out, the best course of action is to contact a staff member about it. (This includes disagreements about policy, and cases where you feel treated unfairly.) Again, we take harassment very seriously, regardless of who conducts it. Our messages, including the links Landfish7 sent you previously, should give you a really good idea about what that means (and why you were recently blocked). Please keep this in mind for the future. Nescientist (talk) 17:58, 19 May 2024 (UTC)