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The Pokémon anime started airing in Denmark for the first time on TV2 on January 23, 2000 with the first episodes. The first two seasons were aired. After the second season had been aired, which ended with Charizard Chills, no new episodes were aired in Denmark until February 28, 2004, when TV2 started airing Season six, which started with Address Unown!. This means that the final episodes of the Orange League arc and the vast majority of the Johto League arc never were aired or dubbed in Danish.

Indigo League arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
EP001 EP001.png Pokémon - jeg vælger dig!
Pokémon - I choose you!
Pokémon - I choose you! January 23, 2000
EP002 EP002.png Pokémon nødsituationen!
The Pokémon emergency!
Pokémon Emergency! January 30, 2000
EP003 EP003.png Ash fanger en Pokémon
Ash catches a Pokémon
Ash Catches a Pokémon February 6, 2000
EP004 EP004.png Samuraiens udfording
The challenge of the samurai
Challenge of the Samurai February 13, 2000
EP005 EP005.png Dysten i Pewter City
The battle in Pewter City
Showdown in Pewter City February 20, 2000
EP006 EP006.png Clefairy og månestenen
Clefairy and the moon stone
Clefairy and the Moon Stone February 27, 2000
EP007 EP007.png Vandblomsterne i Cerulean City
The water flowers in Cerulean City
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City March 5, 2000
EP008 EP008.png Vejen til Pokémon-ligaen
The path to the Pokémon league
The Path to the Pokémon League March 12, 2000
EP009 EP009.png Den hårde skole
The tough school
The School of Hard Knocks March 19, 2000
EP010 EP010.png Bulbasaur og den skjulte landsby
Bulbasaur and the hidden village
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village March 26, 2000
EP011 EP011.png Charmander – den herreløse Pokémon
Charmander – the masterless Pokémon
Charmander – The Stray Pokémon April 2, 2000
EP012 EP012.png Squirtle-holdet slår til
The Squirtle team strikes
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad April 9, 2000
EP013 EP013.png Mysteriet ved fyrtårnet
The mystery at the lighthouse
Mystery at the Lighthouse April 16, 2000
EP014 EP014.png En dyst med stød i
A battle with electric shock in it
Electric Shock Showdown April 23, 2000
EP015 EP015.png Dysten på St. Anne
The battle on St. Anne/small>
Battle Aboard the St. Anne April 30, 2000
EP016 EP016.png Pokémon-forliset
The Pokémon shipwreck
Pokémon Shipwreck May 7, 2000
EP017 EP017.png Kæmpe-Pokémonernes ø
The island of the giant Pokémon
Island of the Giant Pokémon May 14, 2000
EP018 EP018.png No Danish title Beauty and the Beach Unaired
EP019 EP019.png Tentacool og Tentacruel
Tentacool and Tentacruel
Tentacool & Tentacruel May 21, 2000
EP020 EP020.png Ungmøens Klint
The Maiden's Cliffs
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak May 28, 2000 Ungmøens Klint sounds a lot like Møns Klint, a 6 km long stretch of chalk cliffs on the Danish island of Møn
EP021 EP021.png Farvel, Butterfree
Goodbye, Butterfree
Bye Bye Butterfree June 4, 2000
EP022 EP022.png Abra og det telepatiske opgør
Abra and the telepathic showdown
Abra and the Psychic Showdown June 11, 2000
EP023 EP023.png Frygtens tårn
The tower of fear
The Tower of Terror August 13, 2000
EP024 EP024.png Haunter mod Kadabra
Haunter versus Kadabra
Haunter versus Kadabra August 20, 2000
EP025 EP025.png Primeape går agurk
Primeape goes cucumber
Primeape Goes Bananas August 27, 200
EP026 EP026.png En Pokémonsk duft!
A Pokémonic scent!
Pokémon Scent-sation! September 3, 2000
EP027 EP027.png Sengetid for Hypno
Bedtime for Hypno
Hypno's Naptime September 10, 2000
EP028 EP028.png Det store modelip
The great fashion flip
Pokémon Fashion Flash October 8, 2000
EP029 EP029.png En hårdtslående Pokémon
A hard hitting Pokémon
The Punchy Pokémon October 15, 2000
EP030 EP030.png Det slår gnister for Magnemite
Sparks fly for Magnemite
Sparks Fly for Magnemite October 15, 2000
EP031 EP031.png Begravet i Digletter!
Buried in Diglett!
Dig Those Diglett! October 29, 2000
EP032 EP032.png Dysten i ninjatemplet
The battle in the ninja temple
The Ninja Poké-Showdown November 5, 2000
EP033 EP033.png Pokémon-væddeløb i flammer!
Pokémon race on fire!
The Flame Pokémon-athon! November 12, 2000
EP034 EP034.png The Kangaskhan-drengen
The Kangaskhan boy
The Kangaskhan Kid November 19, 2000
EP035 EP035.png No Danish title No English title Unaired
EP036 EP036.png Brobisserne
The bridge ruffians
The Bridge Bike Gang November 26, 2000 Norman and one of the unnamed cyclists' names have been changed to Kaj and Bøje, respectively, to reference a Scandline commercial
EP037 EP037.png Dittos mystiske hus
Ditto's mysterious house
Ditto's Mysterious Mansion December 3, 2000
EP038 EP038.png No Danish title No English title Unaired
* Holiday Hi-Jynx.png Glædelig Jynx
Merry Jynx
Holiday Hi-Jynx April 29, 2001
* Snow Way Out.png Sneblind vej!
Snow blind way
Snow Way Out! May 5, 2001 The title is a pun on sneblind and blind vej
EP039 EP039.png Pikachus farvel
Pikachu's goodbye
Pikachu's Goodbye December 10, 2000
EP040 EP040.png De fire Eevee-brødres kampe
The four Eevee brothers' battle
The Battling Eevee Brothers December 17, 2000
EP041 EP041.png Vågn Op, Snorlax!
Wake up, Snorlax!
Wake Up Snorlax! January 6, 2001
EP042 EP042.png Opgøret i Dark City
The showdown in Dark City
Showdown at Dark City January 7, 2001
EP043 EP043.png Exeggutorerne går i panik
The Exeggutor panic
The March of the Exeggutor Squad January 13, 2001
EP044 EP044.png Problemer med Paras
Problems with Paras
The Problem with Paras January 14, 2001
EP045 EP045.png Jigglypuffs sang
The song of Jigglypuff
The Song of Jigglypuff January 20, 2001
EP046 EP046.png De forhistoriske Pokémoner angriber
The prehistoric Pokémon attack
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon January 21, 2001
EP047 EP047.png En farlig operation
A dangerous operation
A Chansey Operation January 27, 2001
EP048 EP048.png Det store bryllup!
The great wedding!
Holy Matrimony! January 28, 2001
EP049 EP049.png Et tyvagtigt makkerpar
A thievish duo
So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd February 3, 2001
EP050 EP050.png Hvem får Togepi?
Who gets Togepi?
Who Gets to Keep Togepi? February 4, 2001
EP051 EP051.png Bulbasaurs mystiske have
Bulbasaur's mysterious garden
Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden February 10, 2001
EP052 EP052.png Prinsessen mod prinsessen
The princess versus the princess
Princess vs. Princess April 1, 2001
EP053 EP053.png Kattens til helt
Darn hero
The Purr-fect Hero April 7, 2001 Kattens is a mild swear word substituting another more serious swear word, much like darn
EP054 EP054.png Politi-Pokémonerne slår til!
The police Pokémon strike!
The Case of the K-9 Caper! February 11, 2001
EP055 EP055.png Pokémon-fotografen
The Pokémon photographer
Pokémon Paparazzi April 17, 2001
EP056 EP056.png Den afgørende prøve
The final test
The Ultimate Test February 18, 2001
EP057 EP057.png Udviklingscenterets hemmelighed
The evolution center's secret
The Breeding Center Secret February 24, 2001
EP058 EP058.png En gådefuld ø
A puzzling island
Riddle Me This April 8, 2001
EP059 EP059.png Kaos i vulkanen
Chaos in the volcano
Volcanic Panic April 14, 2001
EP060 EP060.png Vågn op, Blastoise
Wake up, Blastoise
Beach Blank-Out Blastoise April 15, 2001
EP061 EP061.png Havfruen Misty
Misty the mermaid
The Misty Mermaid April 21, 2001
EP062 EP062.png Clefairy på spil
Clefairy at play
Clefairy Tales April 22, 2001
EP063 EP063.png Dysten om emblemet
The battle for the badge
The Battle of the Badge April 28, 2001
EP064 EP064.png Mød min Mr. Mime
Meet my Mr. Mime
It's Mr. Mime Time April 29, 2001
EP065 EP065.png Duellen
The duel
Showdown at the Po-ké Corral May 12, 2001
EP066 EP066.png Gåden om Slowpoke
The mystery of Slowpoke
The Evolution Solution May 13, 2001
EP067 EP067.png Den Pika-store bølge
The Pika-big wave
The Pi-Kahuna May 19, 2001
EP068 EP068.png Et boom for Gloom
A boom for Gloom
Make Room for Gloom May 20, 2001
EP069 EP069.png Klar til optagelse
Ready to record
Lights, Camera, Quack-tion May 26, 2001
EP070 EP070.png Hollywood, her kommer vi
Hollywood, here we come
Go West Young Meowth May 27, 2001
EP071 EP071.png Nul og nix!
Nothing at all
To Master the Onixpected! June 2, 2001 Og nix sounds like Onix
EP072 EP072.png Gåden om det gamle Pokémopolis
The puzzle of the ancient Pokémopolis
The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis June 3, 2001
EP073 EP073.png Så ond at det går ondt
So evil that it hurts
Bad to the Bone June 10, 2001
EP074 EP074.png Nu går det løs!
Now it begins!
All Fired Up! June 11, 2001
EP075 EP075.png Første omgang - kæmp!
First round - fight!
Round One - Begin! June 25, 2001
EP076 EP076.png Gennem ild og vand
Through fire and water
Fire and Ice June 26, 2001
EP077 EP077.png Drama i fjerde runde
Drama in the fourth round
The Fourth Round Rumble June 27, 2001
EP078 EP078.png En vaskeægte ven
A pure friend
A Friend In Deed June 28, 2001
EP079 EP079.png Det sidste slag
The last battle
Friend and Foe Alike June 29, 2001
EP080 EP080.png Venner for altid
Friends forever
Friends to the End June 30, 2001

Orange League arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
EP081 EP081.png Festpanik i Pallet Town
Party panic in Pallet Town
Pallet Party Panic July 1, 2001
EP082 EP082.png Luftens vovehalse
The daredevils of the air
A Scare in the Air July 2, 2001
EP083 EP083.png Poké Ball-alarm
Poké Ball alarm
Poké Ball Peril July 3, 2001
EP084 EP084.png Den forsvundne Lapras
The lost Lapras
The Lost Lapras July 4, 2001
EP085 EP085.png På bølgelængde
At wavelength
Fit to be Tide July 5, 2001
EP086 EP086.png Pikachu kommer i stødet
Pikachu gets charged
Pikachu Re-Volts July 6, 2001 Variants of this title have been used twice in season six
EP087 EP087.png Crystal Onix
Crystal Onix
The Crystal Onix July 7, 2001
EP088 EP088.png Den lyserøde ø
The pink island
In the Pink July 8, 2001
EP089 EP089.png Kabuto-mysteriet
The Kabuto mystery
Shell Shock! July 9, 2001
EP090 EP090.png Teaterdysten
The theatre battle
Stage Fight! July 10, 2001
EP091 EP091.png Farvel Psyduck
Goodbye Psyduck
Bye Bye Psyduck August 18, 2001
EP092 EP092.png Den frelsene engel
The saving angel
The Joy of Pokémon August 25, 2001
EP093 EP093.png Manøvre på Navel
Maneuver at Navel
Navel Maneuvers September 1, 2001
EP094 EP094.png Ædedolken
Pikachu gets charged
Snack Attack September 8, 2001
EP095 EP095.png Et vaskeægte spøgelsesskib
A real ghost ship
A Shipful of Shivers September 15, 2001
EP096 EP096.png Meowth styrer!
Meowth rules!
Meowth Rules! September 22, 2001
EP097 EP097.png Tracey og Scyther
Tracey and Scyther
Tracey Gets Bugged September 29, 2001
EP098 EP098.png En anderledes fridag
A different day off
A Way Off Day Off October 6, 2001
EP099 EP099.png Misforståelsen på Mandarin Island
The misunderstanding on Mandarin Island
The Mandarin Island Miss Match October 13, 2001
EP100 EP100.png Forbudt kærlighed
Forbidden love
Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? October 20, 2001
EP101 EP101.png Hyp, min lille Pokémon
Gee, my little Pokémon
Get Along, Little Pokémon October 27, 2001
EP102 EP102.png Det mystiske monster
The mysterious monster
The Mysterious Menace November 3, 2001
EP103 EP103.png Misty får en bejler
Misty gets a suitor
Misty Meets Her Match November 10, 2001
EP104 EP104.png Nu er der ballade
It's time for trouble
Bound for trouble November 17, 2001
EP105 EP105.png Charizard går kold
Charizard goes cold
Charizard Chills November 24, 2001 This is the last episode to air on Danish TV before Pokémon went on an hiatus lasting until 2004 when season 6 would start airing

Johto League arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
EP263 EP263.png Adresse ukendt!
Address Unknown!
Address Unknown! February 28, 2004 Unown was mistaken for the word unknown and therefor translated as Ukendt, sometimes called Ukendte depending on how the word is used
EP264 EP264.png En mor med slag i
A fierce mother
Mother of All Battles March 6, 2004
EP265 EP265.png Én Sneasel for meget
One Sneasel too many
Pop Goes The Sneasel March 7, 2004
EP266 EP266.png Flammens mester!
The master of the flame!
A Claim to Flame! March 13, 2004
EP267 EP267.png Kærlighed i en Pokémon-verden
Love in a Pokémon world
Love, Pokémon style March 14, 2004
EP268 EP268.png At spille lige op!
Playing at the same level!
Tie One On! March 20, 2004
EP269 EP269.png Bånd, der binder
Ties that bind
The Ties That Bind March 21, 2004
EP270 EP270.png Helt vild i varmen!
Totally eager!
Can't Beat the Heat! March 27, 2004 The title literally means Totally wild in the heat!
EP271 EP271.png Leg med ild!
Playing with fire!
Playing with Fire! March 28, 2004
EP272 EP272.png Den sidste dyst
The last battle
Johto Photo Finish April 3, 2004
EP273 EP273.png Afskedens time!
The hour of parting!
Gotta Catch Ya Later! April 4, 2004
EP274 EP274.png Rejsen til Hoenn-regionen!
The journey to the Hoenn Region!
Hoenn Alone! April 10, 2004