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As I am in the Pal Pad!

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Hello everyone! I'm Tutsdre (This is not my real name...) and I love the pokémon games and the anime! I also collect pokémon cards but I don't like it so much as the pokémon games. I am currently playing Pokémon Pearl because it's my newest game that I bought three weeks ago. However, I'm not too bad on this game, my Pokémon are in a good level, I am training all of them to the level 40 to battle against Byron, the 6th Gym Leader.

I ♥ Pokémon!

I've born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil in 1994. When I was 4, I saw the second episode of the Pokémon Anime and I liked it! So I saw Pokémon every day... Then when I was 6, I got Pokémon Yellow, my first Pokémon Game ever! I was horrible in the game and I never completed it. One day a boy stole my game and I cried a lot...

A few years after I finally bought a GBA to play Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon FireRed, then I bought a DS and a few years after I bought Pokémon Pearl!