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Hello, my name is Station7. I watched Pokémon when I was young and come now here to look on what happens now in the Pokémon world of Ash Ketchum and his friends. I haven't seen every episode, so maybe it's time to do so, at one point. I'm Dutch and my language can, like any other language can always been written different, which doesn't mean that it's wrong, but just different written and means something different, but in my mind, I know what it is.

Currect Pokémon team

Pokémon Diamond

On hand


In storage

399063404041399406 401 054 422 417 269 265 095418397133133

Traded away

066265(would later evolve in to Beautifly) 406 162 153

Pokémon Black

On hand

498 507 511 531

In storage

519 519 517 509 504 524 527 522


506 517 504

Traded away

509 531


Although maybe not notable, here is some trivia I thought about:

Ash's trivia


Here's are my own theories and I haven't find it on any site (it's all in my mind). So far, all my theories failed, but that doesn't mean I won't be right at something.

  • I think that Ash's Krokorok will evolve into a Krookodile in BW079 during a Gym Battle with Brycen. (FAILED THEORY)
  • Ash will capture more Pokémon or at least 1 Pokémon in the new series.
  • Luke's Golett wil evolve into a Golurk in BW082. (FAILED THEORY)
  • Ash will capture the wild Meloetta. (It's the last Pokémon in the Pokédex and thus it will be Ash's Pokémon). By the way, Ash saved this Pokémon in BW082. It will be the first Legendary Pokémon send to Professor Juniper's lab. I'm convinced of this.
  • My theory is that Ash's Oshawott, Bianca's Emboar and Trip's Servine are all the Pokémon seen in BW001. This is also because of theiry type-advantage and the way they were standing.
    • Ironically, I think Ash's Oshawott is the type-advantage that would win from Trip's Servine (Water defeats Grass).

Favourite articles

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