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This is the user page for the Bulbapedia member called Skittyfan4ever. She is really nice and loves to trade, so if you want a Pokémon, she's that girl! Just add her code to your Pal Pad and ask for a Pokémon at her talk page and she'll see if she has one/can catch one.(sometimes she doesn't want to trade a Pokémon that she does have.)


Rachel, A.K.A. Skittyfan4ever is a young girl that loves Pokémon. She kinda knows about Kanto, doesn't know about Johto, and knows a lot about Hoenn and Sinnoh. She likes to ship people in the anime sometimes. She is really kind once you get to know her. She will update this page when she thinks of more things. Also, she has a crush on Max.


Pokémon teams

Pokémon games will be by generation, starting with Generation I.


Coming soon!


Lv. 20
Lv. 16
Lv. 18
Silk Scarf
Lv. 16
Quick Claw
Lv. 19
Lv. 16


Coming soon!


Lv. 56
Splash Plate
Lv. 51
Big Root
Lv. 45
Lv. 41
Quick Claw
Lv. 44
Mystic Water
Lv. 40
Rindo Berry


Sometimes Skittyfan does like to ship, like stated before. These are the ones she likes(some include the same person):

These are the one Skittyfan doesn't like(very much, and don't blame her for it)...


Skittyfan is probably the biggest Max fan in the universe. And since both wear glasses, it could be called GlassesShipping. No fans have been known of this, since it's unofficial.


Since Skittyfan loves to trade, she has lots of Pokémon she's willing to trade.

Pokémon up for trade

If you want one of these Pokémon, post in her talk page which Pokémon and nature, and then talk about which Pokémon you'll give her. Also, she can name the Pokémon before you get it and train it to a certain level! Note she will ask you if a move can be learned and which move to delete! Also ask about evolving it!

~The PokéShop~


Stock: 11 Nature(s): Timid, Relaxed x2, Mild, Quiet, Jolly, Naughty x2, Careful, Brave, Modest. Gender(s): all ♂ Level(s): all 20


Stock:12 Nature(s): Naughty x3, Gentle x3, Quiet, Careful, Modest, Serious, Timid, Relaxed. Gender(s): 6 ♂, 6 ♀ Level(s): all 26


Stock:1 Nature(s): Lax. Gender(s): ♀ Level(s): 22


Stock: 2 Nature(s): Quiet, Naughty. Gender(s): 1 ♂, 1 ♀ Level(s): 20, 17


Stock: 1 Nature(s): Careful. Gender(s): ♀ Level(s): 16


Stock: 1 Nature(s): Naughty. Gender(s): ♂ Level(s):15


Stock: 2 Nature(s): Serious, Quirky. Gender(s): 1 ♀, 1 ♂


  • Skittyfan is the biggest Max fan ever.
  • Her most treasured item is her Manaphy plush, where she got in a store.