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Personality and characteristics
Pokémon games

Missingno. Master (Japanese: けつばんマスタ Ketsuban Master) is a member of Bulbapedia and many other Pokémon sites- most notably, the Forums. He is notable for his extensive knowledge on Pokémon, as well as his tremendous collection of Shiny Pokémon.


Before assuming his current username, Missingno. Master's first appearance on a Pokémon site was under the username WynautFan, on the old Pokémon Crater site. Not long after that, he discovered, and eventually signed up on its forums under the username Missingno. Master. Eventually, he signed up on Bulbagarden's forums, and of course, Bulbapedia. He is also a member of GameFAQs, though goes by the username of Missingno_Mastr there (though insists that he be referred to as Missingno. Master, as opposed to the spelling he uses in his username).

Personality and characteristics

Missingno. Master is self-described as an agreeable, pleasant person to talk to. He has a tendency to come up with new ideas for Pokémon, and has a particular penchant for drawing inspiration for them from inanimate objects, such as a bag of potato chips, the arrows Cupid is said to shoot to make people fall in love, and even a snow cloud.

A lover of Pokémon glitches and glitch Pokémon alike, Missingno. Master has long been a mostly reliable source of information on many Pokémon glitches, which led to him starting Bulbapedia's Project GlitchDex, as well as an organization known as The Order of the Glitch, which once served to try and make people view glitch Pokémon as real Pokémon. The organization has long since disbanded, though Missingno. Master has shown interest in reviving it as a less radical organization that would merely serve to prevent the spread of misinformation on how harmful certain glitches and glitch Pokémon really are. Though he knows a lot about Pokémon glitches and glitch Pokémon, he concedes that he still does not know everything about them, though this hasn't stopped him from trying to learn everything about them.

As a contributor to Bulbapedia, Missingno. Master doesn't make as many contributions as he used to, though he has been known to stalk the Recent Changes, and make changes wherever he deems necessary. How well these changes are actually received is another matter altogether.

Outside of Pokémon, his interests are few and far between. He enjoys the TV show Supernatural, among other shows, and an assortment of newspaper comic strips. He also enjoys food, particularly bacon.

Pokémon games

As far as Pokémon games go, they are more or less what Missingno. Master is all about. His very first Pokémon games were Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Yellow Version, both of which he received simultaneously on the morning of his 10th birthday, as gifts from his parents. Later that day, he acquired a copy of Pokémon Blue Version as a present from relatives. His very first Pokémon was the Pikachu he started with in Yellow, and the first Pokémon he ever caught was a Pidgey.

Over the years, Missingno. Master accumulated an impressive collection of Pokémon games, including every single main series game from the current six generations, and most of the spin-off games, even including three games for the Pokémon mini system. Not counting the Super Smash Bros. series, his Pokémon games are as follows;

Currently owned

Formerly owned


Missingno. Master owns hundreds of Pokémon, spread across various games. He has one of every species legitimately available in Generation VI, split between Omega Ruby and Pokémon Bank, purposely keeping any species in Bank he does not normally keep in-game, to accelerate the process of Pokédex completion. He has a complete collection of Vivillon patterns, including the event-exclusive ones, and a complete set of Unown, which he keeps in alphabetical order. He likes to use the latter collection as a "keyboard" when trading with a stranger, to try and "type" messages to them, usually to attempt to convey what sort of Pokémon he's after. This, however, rarely works. This practice dates back to the days of GTS Negotiations.

A large chunk of Missingno. Master's collection consists of Pokémon he uses for competitive battle. Most, if not all of them, are trained with single battles in mind, those being Missingno. Master's area of expertise; he is much less skilled at Double or Triple Battles, though he has been known to immensely enjoy Rotation Battles. He tries to not favor any one of them, though ends up using his Weezing a lot, to the point where it has become known as his signature Pokémon. He is also fond of using his Scolipede, which he refers to as his trump card. Indeed, his Scolipede has turned the tide of many battles in his favor.

Missingno. Master harbors a soft spot for Pokémon he uses in-game, and once he has beaten a game, if he feels he has formed a bond with his team, he will add them to a series of PC boxes from which he rotates Pokémon on and off his team for in-game use- battling NPCs, using HM moves, weakening wild Pokémon he intends to catch, and the like. Prominent among these are an Octillery he caught in Johto for the purpose of using in the Bug-Catching Contest due to its Suction Cups Ability- he was worried about potential Shiny Butterfree, Beautifly, and Dustox with Whirlwind, and now uses Octillery when chain fishing. The Ability came in handy when he hooked a Shiny Dratini who had an aversion to staying in thrown Poké Balls and a tendency to spam Dragon Tail. He also uses Sweet, an Illumise he received from Wonder Trade, to initiate Horde Encounters with Sweet Scent, and also to take them out using Dazzling Gleam for the purposes of EV training. He also has a Wynaut he has owned since the original Ruby Version. Wynaut is level 100, and thus will never evolve, possesses over 60 Ribbons (including every single Contest Ribbon possible), and is described by Missingno. Master as "the Pikachu to my Ash." Missingno. Master needed but the flimsiest of excuses to have Wynaut follow his player character around in HeartGold, and is the main reason he is in favor of the feature returning in future games.


  • Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon is Weezing, his favorite type is Poison-type, his favorite Ability is Stench, and his favorite move is Sludge Wave.
    • Despite this none of his usernames mention Weezing, instead mentioning two of his other favorites (Missingno. and Wynaut).
  • Missingno. Master is a member of Pokémon Vortex, the successor to Pokémon Crater. He still goes by his old WynautFan username there.

Name Origin

Missingno. Master is derived from Missingno., one of Missingno. Master's favorite Pokémon, and Pokémon Master, which Missingno. Master believes himself to be.

WynautFan is simply "Wynaut fan", a term which accurately describes Missingno. Master, as Wynaut is one of his favorite Pokémon.

Missingno_Mastr is a version of "Missingno. Master" that has been adjusted to meet the space and character constraints of a GameFAQs username.

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