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Hi my name is Mawile the deciever( well not really) i got the name from the pokemon mawile. I am Hotspot on wikipedia.I have created a few articles on wikipedia, i created the kya dark lineage article becuase it is one of my favorite games, i also created the David_Gasman article,list of worlds in kya dark lineage and the List of kya dark lineage items,list of kya dark lineage characters,list of characters in Malice,Millie (Suikoden),Air post (disambiguation),The Nanny Reunion.

Before i found wikipedia i joined [wikia] as hotspot, on uncyclopedia my name is "mawile the deciever" and on the robot chicken wikia i am "Golden girls in the city"(don't ask why) I also thought that wikia and uncyclopedia were owned by wikipedia.

Favorite Pokémon

Video games

My favorite video games are( in most favorite order,the ones that are the first of the series means i like the whole series or i only have that one of the series,if it is a certain sequel it will mostly mean that is the only one of that i like.

The suikoden series is my favorite of all time, chrono cross, ( I would like to get trigger) Breath of fire iv, ( i had the second but it dissapeared.) Kya dark lineage, Beyond Good & Evil (video game), Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2, final fantasy ix Final Fantasy X-2 ( i like X ), Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and the other two of the series so far. La Pucelle: Tactics, Malice,

Other favorites not as favorite

ratchet and clank, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, spyro, Malice (video game), pokemon ruby.

Tv shows

some of my favorites Rave Master, teen titans, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Zatch Bell, one piece, naruto, MÄR, inuyasha, other.

Other stuff

Look at this signature of mawile i made. [1]

My sites

*my Rave Master site

( its dead right now but it will come back to life after some changes).

which has moved to the new suikocross!