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King Of All 42
Wing Woow The King
Me your lord and master
Gender Male
Hometown Bradford
Region England
Relatives A whole family of them
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, Fire type Trainer, Eeveelutions Trainer
Generation Unknown
Games Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Emerald, and Pokemon Pearl


I have been a fan of pokemon for so long I have forgoten why I started to like them. I like fire types and the Eeveelutions and hate the idea of people replacing Kriss with Soul.

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Spr 3r 255.png Spr 4d 256 m.png Spr 4d 257 m.png Spr 4h 390.png Spr 4d 391.png Spr 4p 392.png

498.png 499.png Spr 5b 500.png Spr 4h 038.png Spr 4h 059.png


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