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SpokeShipping (Japanese: ケニベル KeniBel) is the belief that Stephan and Bianca belong in a romantic relationship. The two first met at the Club Battle tournament in Nimbasa Town where they found out they would be each other's opponent in the first round. They would meet again in Ambiga Town where they interacted with one another a bit more. There were also several different occasion during their time there where Bianca acted somewhat affectionately towards Stephan, and also his Sawk.


Bianca's hints

  • It was revealed in The Clubsplosion Begins! that Bianca likes muscular Pokémon. This might also apply to humans and it's a build that Stephan fits.
Upon meeting Stephan, Bianca asks him how his name pronounced which is something no one else has done. Both of the ways she asked, however, were incorrect although Stephan did not bother to correct her.
After running onto the scene recklessly and knocking Ash into a body of water as she usually does, Bianca collapses on to Stephan and keeps her face and hands planted against his chest for a few moments.
During the intermission of the Clubsplosion tournament, Bianca jumps on top of Stephan for a brief moment and wraps her arms around his neck. She then proceeds to squeeze his arms and his midsection in order to feel his muscles. Afterwards she grabs his arm and raises it in the air before announcing he is the winner of her "Macho Pokémon" contest.
Near the end of the episode, Bianca is seen winking at Stephan.

Stephan's hints

After Stephan passes to the second round of the Clubsplosion tournament, Bianca becomes enamored with his Sawk then asks if she could poke his muscles. He agrees and after she's finished she says that Sawk is the greatest. Stephan looks extremely confident and flattered after Bianca says that.
Stephan shows noticeable excitement when he learns that he will face Bianca in the semi-final round of the Clubsplosion.


  • Both are rivals of Ash that he met in Unova.
  • Both are part of a running gag. Bianca's is always knocking Ash into a body of water and Stephan's is no one being able to pronounce his name correctly.
  • Both own a Fighting-type Pokémon which tends to be the powerhouse of their teams.
  • Both at times display the similar personality traits of stubbornness and impatience.
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