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My name is Johans Nidorino.

I'm a Nintendo fan since 1988, when I first played Super Mario Bros.. I instantly fell in love with anything Nintendo-related, ranging from its hardware to the games produced for its systems, and have owned nearly every Nintendo home and handheld system since then, as well as a large collection of Nintendo magazines of the official Latin American edition.

I've loved the Mario, DK, and TLoZ game series since the beginning, and that's why I got excited when Super Smash Bros. was released. Until that time, I didn't know anything about Pokémon except for the Porygon incident, the animé, and the fact that there were dozens of Pokémon species around, each with a type and a weird name. But the presence of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and other Pokémon in that game woke up my interest for this wonderful universe. There's when I arose.

I consider myself a born Pokémon fan rather than a made one. I've always liked teams and crossovers of assorted-superpower heroes or gifted beings. A pre-Pokémon drawing of mine shows a Poliwrath-like electric being, and with the help of flexible building blocks I once build a team of "double-type" animal-like creatures, such as a fire/fighter humanoid rooster head and a poison/plant scorpion/chameleon hybrid.

I love learning stuff from Pokémon gurus, and at the same time showing others my knowledge of the franchise. That's why I've come to this wiki, both to learn and share. Each purpose nourishes the other.

Favorite Pokémon


Xatu is similar to me. Short in size, serious, and easily in trance for remembering things from the past and thinking hard in the future. Its totemic design is cool, and it's also a bird Pokémon, and I like birds. Notable Xatu I've had are Inco, whom I caught as a Natu in Johto, and Johans, the result of evolving the Natu I snagged in Orre.


Blaziken and its evolution family are based on chickens, my favorite animal in the real world. I've had roosters as pets since I was a child, and I had always hoped for a Fighting-type chicken Pokémon to appear. I took for sure its another type would have been Flying or Ground, but Fire makes sense since chickens are always warm. The only Blaziken I've had is Piolindo, whom I received from Professor Birch as a Torchic and was named after the very first rooster pet I had in the real life.

Shiny Pokémon

Generations I & II


Many real-world months after finishing Pokémon Gold, I was walking by Route 28, likely to train a few Pokémon so that they could enter the Pokémon League. I came across a beautiful alternate-colored Poliwhirl while surfing on one of the ponds. I was nervous as this was the very first alternate-colored Pokémon I had ever found in the wild, not counting the Red Gyarados. If I'm not mistaken, I used a paralyzing move and a Great Ball. I loved this catch! Since I already had a Politoed in my team (another of my favorite Pokémon), even though Politoed's alternate coloration appeals a lot to me, I decided to give Protein and Iron to this new friend of mine, I gave it Physical-based moves, and used a Water Stone on it.

Not only was Poliwhirl known as Tajiri's favorite Pokémon[citation needed] at that time, but also Poliwrath was very reminiscent of the creature I once drew when I was a teenager, so this was a very special Pokémon to me. Fighting type matches my character as much as the short and defying appearance of Poliwrath. I nicknamed it Brincon, which is a Spanish word for "bully" or "trouble seeker" as well as for "hoppy".

Generations III & IV


While surfing on Routes 108 and 109, I found this cute green-striped Wingull with a level between 10 and 15. This was obviously an easy alternate-colored Pokémon to come across with, because you can always find lots of wild Wingull in the Hoenn routes. However, as a fan of birds in the real world, I decided to be proud of having caught it. I named it Popeye. It has since evolved.


I'm so lucky! In June 2007, while searching for rare Pokémon at the Great Marsh of Sinnoh, I came across a beautiful green-colored Marill among all the random common Pokémon you can find there. At the Great Marsh or any other Safari Game zone, there's always the chance that you'll fail to catch the Pokémon if you don't master the use of items such as Pokéblocks, bait, rocks, or mud. I decided to try just using my Safari Ball, and guess what? I caught it on the first try! A very nice green Marill that I was decided to train despite having other Water-type Pokémon in my team (I had never trained a Marill before); plus the only other pure Water-type was Manaphy, and I felt I had to train a non-legendary one. Thankfully, its Ability matched what I wanted.

The level of this Marill was high enough when I caught it; so, after giving it a few vitamins, I made it evolve into a gorgeous golden Azumarill, who became a regular in my main team in the game, and accompanied me all the way until the Pokémon League, when it proudly entered the Hall of Fame.

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