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Who am I?

My name's Geo, known online by the name Jio or Jioruji Derako. I'm a graphic artist, working in a variety of mediums, from digital painting to 3D modeling to CSS coding (I'm the creator of the Erika's Garden skin here on Bulbapedia, as well as a few of the event skins we've had). I'm also an avid gamer, and have been a fan of the Pokémon games for a long while; RPG and strategy games are my forté, and the franchise has always done a wonderful job of keeping me entertained.

On Bulbapedia, I'm a previous member of the Leadership Board, officially holding the title of Appearance Coordinator. I'm also responsible for Bulbapedia's signature policy, and always ready to answer questions or provide assistance if anyone is finding themselves stumped by anything from our policies to the intricacies of wiki-coding. If you've got questions or problems, my talk page is always open; if you need to contact me directly, your best bet is to simply e-mail me.

ĜЄΘ.> - a.k.a. -- Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^
Geo - a.k.a. Jioruji Derako
"Waste time, not talent."
Age 23 (June 25th)
Gender Male
Hometown Philadelphia
Region United States
Class Artist
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Geo's Pokémon

Rather then having a single team I always use, I like to have a strong selection of trained Pokémon, which I mix-and-match depending on my preference. For general battling, the team below is what I tend to favor. However, when it comes to competitive online battling, the team can change drastically without warning!

You can take a look at my current Generation IV team roster on my Team Roster subpage, along with some notes on all the trained Pokémon. You'll find a bit of info there too if you'd like to challenge me, even.

Type Pokémon Nature Moves
Ability Held Item
FightingIC RSE.png 448.png Lucario
Rash -Aura Sphere
SteelIC RSE.png -Flash Cannon
Inner Focus Choice Specs -Dark Pulse
FireIC RSE.png 392.png Infernape
Adamant -Flare Blitz
FightingIC RSE.png -Close Combat
Blaze Shell Bell -Earthquake
-Slack Off
PsychicIC RSE.png 475.png Gallade
Lonely -Psycho Cut
FightingIC RSE.png -Leaf Blade
Steadfast Life Orb -Ice Punch
-Close Combat
DarkIC RSE.png 461.png Weavile
Hasty -Ice Punch
IceIC RSE.png -Night Slash
Pressure Expert Belt -Double Team
DarkIC RSE.png 359.png Absol
Lonely -Sucker Punch
-Psycho Cut
Super Luck Scope Lens -Stone Edge
-Swords Dance
DarkIC RSE.png 197.png Umbreon
Sassy -Payback
Synchronize Leftovers -Yawn
*All Pokémon are trained in Generation IV.*