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Hi there, everyone! My name is InfectedShroom, and I'm a relatively well-known user over at the MarioWiki, and I enjoy Pokémon games! So... Um... I'll try to help out here as much as possible!

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention... I'm also a HUGE fan of the band Radiohead, so if you like them, please tell me!

And also, I have unlimited LEGIT Mews, Jirachis, Shiny Parasects, and Shiny Golducks for trading. I use the Emerald cloning glitch for them. But I'm always into shinies, and I'll trade any of these for any shiny. Soooo... Yup. Just so you know.

And I'm also forgetful, because I forgot to say that I also am very good at Photoshopping and Sprite-making. And I'm currently engaged in a project where I'm revamping Red and Blue Pokémon sprites. I hope I'm not forgetting anything now...