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One of my favorite Pokémon, Umbreon

Hi, I just wanted to make an account on Bulbapedia because I use it a lot and just wanted to contribute to it more! I think Bulbapedia is awesome and I'm so glad its exists. Its the best Pokémon info site on the internet.

note: I know how to do some of the so called "fancy stuff" but not much so what I try to do to help is start character of the day articles and add random stuff to articles that have a lack of it. I also partake in many discussions just to voice my opinion and here what others have to think. But mainly I just press the random article button and try to find at least one thing to fix in each article.

My Youtube account

My First Pokemon Experience

The first time I had ever heard of Pokemon or seen anything about it, was one morning when I was either in Kindergarten, so in late 1999. I woke up one day and went down stairs, and turned on the TV, and there was this strange show on, called pokemon. It was episode called The problem with Paras. I had no idea what it was and I thought it was pretty cool. so then sometime a little after that, me and my dad and sister went to some store (idk maybe Walmart) and bought a Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff figure package, but I didnt know what it was at the time I just thought it was cool. Then I remember I used to start getting the cards but I didnt have any card plastic sheets so I had to use a small photo album. One distinct memory for some is looking at a squitle card while I was sitting on the bottom of my stairs. Since then, I have watched the anime on and off, only really missing the mid-late Hoenn saga. I have thousands upon thousands of cards, as well as about 300 figures. I also have the odds and ends of other random pokemon things that have piled up... and it made me happy when they made the mac 'n' cheese again... I kind of missed those haha...


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