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About Me

Hi, welcome to my user page. I can angry quickly so look out! I can lso get upset fast. I love cats as well as pokemon, I HAVE 3!!! I'm a computer geek, 1 thing I did once is funny! Here we go: I did something that made the computer say "You may be a victim of software counterfelting". :o

new traners

Ok,because I love pokemon so-much,I decided to make up some new pokemon traners! There name are Red Fire,Green Leaf,Blue Water,Yellow Tunder,Gold Heart,Silver Soul,Crystal Clear,Ruby Ice,Sapphire Rock,Emerald Steel,Diamond Adamant,Pearl Lustrous and Platinum Griseous.

The girls are Green,Yellow,Crystal,Sapphire and Platinum. The boys are Red,Blue,Gold,Silver,Ruby,Emerald,Diamond and Pearl.

They keep there starter pokemon out of there Poke Balls. Here are there starter pokemon: (M for Male,F for Female)(E for they evolved)

Bulbasaur(Green's,F,E),Charmander(Red's,M,E),Squirtle(Blue's,M,E,),Pikachu(Yellow's,F),Chikorita(Silver's,F,E),Cyndaquil(Gold's,M,E),Totodile(Crystal's,M,E),Treecko(Emerald's,M,E),Torchic(Ruby's,F,E),Mudkip(Sapphire's,M,E),Turtwig(Pearl's,M,E),Chimchar(Diamond's,M,E),Piplup(Platinum's,F,E). Above is 100% fake.Do NOT pass them onto fan sites.For more info see User:glitchym1/name. Also The new girl will be called Soul Kamon. Her starter pokemon is exactly the same as Silver.