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Red Fire.

Red is the faful leader of the group. Never giving up,when he is with his starter charizard nothing can get in there way. Pokémon: Charizard♂, Espeon♀, Pikachu♂, Moltres♀, Lapris♀, Butterfree♀. He also has some Pokémon in the PC, including Mewtwo.

FireRed LeafGreen Red.png

Green Leaf.

Green simpley loves flowers! However,she thinks her pokemon are the best. All of her pokemon are strong.In battles, she is very strong. Pokemon: Venersaur♀, Beedrill♀, Mew♀, Shaymin♀, Zapdos♂.

FireRed LeafGreen Leaf.png

Blue Water.

Blue is a cool-headed trainer who thinks the water type is the best of all types! Using his starter blastoise he has won lots of gym badges!Unlike Red, he won't jump into a battle with out thinking,Blue thinks about evey thing in a battle before going into a battle, which often bores Red and causing him to say "Blue,if you went to a very thick wood and you get attacked by a trainer hiding in a bush you won't have time to think,will you?". Oddly, beside there ways about pokemon battles these two trainers are best friends and always will be. Pokemon: Blastoise♂, Articuno♀.

FireRed LeafGreen Blue.png

Gold Heart

Gold is a kind boy, always there for his friends. Because of this, Professor Elm picked him to look after the pokemon egg untill it hatched. He acts like a big brother to Soul.Pokemon:Typhlosion♂, Togakiss♀, Rocle, Ho-Oh.


Silver Soul

Silver is a dark boy as he is the son of team rocket's boss. When he was 5, he lived in team rockit's HQ acting as a sidekick to his farther. One night he jumped out of his bedroom window then ran all the to new bark town where he started to live and became good friends with Gold and Crystal. Pokemon:Meganium♀, Luiga, Entie, Crobat♂, Hanter

HeartGold SoulSilver Silver.png

Crystal Mind

Crystal is a kind girl from New Bark Town. When Soul moved into her new house Crystal helped her settle in. Shes also Gold's best friend though she picked Todadle as a starter. She has a nickname: Kris. Pokemon:Feraligatr♂,Sucune,

Crystal Kris.png

Kotone Kamon

Kotone is a sweet little girl. She is friends with Gold, Crystal and Silver although she dosen't traville with them. She likes helping hurt Pokémon. She has a crush on Silver, thinking he's brave from running away from Team Rocket. She has a male Azuril who gets angry very easly. She also has a nickname: Soul. Pokémon: Azuril♂

HeartGold SoulSilver Lyra.png