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Future evolutions

Shellos/Gastrodon/Lapras evolution does not work with West Sea Shellos/Gastrodon.

Poke Trigger Poke Trigger Poke
302.png Trade with Jar of 108 Souls 442.png Level Up at Altar 108 S216
023.png Level 22 024.png Trade holding Snake Flute 336.png
Spr 4d 422E.png Level 30 Spr 4d 423E.png Level Up holding Shell Armor 131.png
172.png Happiness 025.png Thunderstone 026.png
311.png Minimizer 025.png Thunderstone 026.png
312.png Maximizer 025.png Thunderstone 026.png
120.png Water Stone 121.png Moonstone near Moonstar Shrine 337.png
120.png Water Stone 121.png Sun Stone near Sunstar Shrine 338.png
Croissanter Trade holding Single Horn 214.png
Croissanter Trade holding Double Horn 127.png
313.png Level Up holding FireFlyLight Illubeat
314.png Level Up holding FireFlyLight Volmise
322.png Level 33 323.png
324.png Learn Rock Climb 323.png

Have all the Pokémon been updated to Platinum standard?

Let's find out.

Spr 4p 412G.png

Spr 4p 412S.png

Spr 4p 413G.png

Spr 4p 413S.png


Spr 4p 422E.png


Spr 4p 423E.png




Spr 4p 390 s.png

Spr 4p 391 s.png

Spr 4p 392 s.png

Spr 4p 395 s.png

Spr 4p 396 m s.png

Spr 4p 397 m s.png

Spr 4p 398 m s.png

Spr 4p 399 m s.png

Spr 4p 400 m s.png

Spr 4p 401 m s.png

Spr 4p 402 m s.png

Spr 4p 403 m s.png

Spr 4p 404 m s.png

Spr 4p 405 m s.png

Spr 4p 406 s.png

Spr 4p 407 m s.png

Spr 4p 410 s.png

Spr 4p 411 s.png

Spr 4p 412 s.png

Spr 4p 412G s.png

Spr 4p 412S s.png

Spr 4p 413 s.png

Spr 4p 413G s.png

Spr 4p 413S s.png

Spr 4p 414 s.png

Spr 4p 415 m s.png

Spr 4p 417 m s.png

Spr 4p 418 m s.png

Spr 4p 419 m s.png

Spr 4p 420 s.png

Spr 4p 421 s.png

Spr 4p 422 s.png

Spr 4p 422E s.png

Spr 4p 423 s.png

Spr 4p 423E s.png

Spr 4p 424 m s.png

Spr 4p 425 s.png

Spr 4p 427 s.png

Spr 4p 428 s.png

Spr 4p 429 s.png

Spr 4p 430 s.png

Spr 4p 431 s.png

Spr 4p 432 s.png

Spr 4p 433 s.png

Spr 4p 434 s.png

Spr 4p 435 s.png

Spr 4p 436 s.png

Spr 4p 437 s.png

Spr 4p 438 s.png

Spr 4p 439 s.png

Spr 4p 440 s.png

Spr 4p 442 s.png

Spr 4p 443 m s.png

Spr 4p 444 m s.png

Spr 4p 445 m s.png

Spr 4p 446 s.png

Spr 4p 449 m s.png

Spr 4p 450 m s.png

Spr 4p 453 m s.png

Spr 4p 454 m s.png

Spr 4p 456 m s.png

Spr 4p 457 m s.png

Spr 4p 458 s.png

Spr 4p 459 m s.png

Spr 4p 460 m s.png

Spr 4p 461 m s.png

Spr 4p 462 s.png

Spr 4p 464 m s.png

Spr 4p 465 m s.png

Spr 4p 466 s.png

Spr 4p 467 s.png

Spr 4p 468 s.png

Spr 4p 469 s.png

Spr 4p 470 s.png

Spr 4p 471 s.png

Spr 4p 473 m s.png

Spr 4p 489 s.png

Type Combinations that do not exist

No glitch-types or glitch-combos (Like Bird/Normal). I expect all of these below types to be covered by Generation VIII, except things like Poison/Poison, Flying, Flying/Type, and Type/Normal)


Normal/Normal, Normal/Fighting, Normal/Poison, Normal/Ground, Normal/Rock, Normal/Bug, Normal/Ghost, Normal/Steel, Normal/Fire, Normal/Grass, Normal/Electric, Normal/Ice, Normal/Dragon, Normal, Dark

Fighting/Normal, Fighting/Fighting, Fighting/Flying, Fighting/Poison, Fighting/Ground, Fighting/Rock, Fighting/Bug, Fighting/Ghost, Fighting/Fire, Fighting/Water, Fighting/Grass, Fighting/Electric, Fighting/Ice, Fighting/Dragon, Fighting/Dark

Pure Flying, Flying/Normal, Flying/Fighting, Flying/Flying, Flying/Poison, Flying/Ground, Flying/Rock, Flying/Bug, Flying/Ghost, Flying/Steel, Flying/Fire, Flying/Water, Flying/Grass, Flying/Electric, Flying/Psychic, Flying/Ice, Flying/Dragon, Flying/Dark

Poison/Normal, Poison/Poison, Poison/Rock, Poison/Ghost, Poison/Steel, Poison/Fire, Poison/Water, Poison/Grass, Poison/Electric, Poison/Ice, Poison/Dragon

Ground/Normal, Ground/Fighting, Ground/Poison, Ground/Ground, Ground/Bug, Ground/Ghost, Ground/Steel, Ground/Fire, Ground/Water, Ground/Grass, Ground/Electric, Ground/Ice, Ground/Dark

Rock/Normal, Rock/Fighting, Rock/Flying, Rock/Poison, Rock/Rock, Rock/Ghost, Rock/Fire, Rock/Electric, Rock/Ice, Rock/Dragon

Bug/Normal, Bug/Bug, Bug/Fire, Bug/Water, Bug/Electric, Bug/Psychic, Bug/Ice, Bug/Dragon, Bug/Dark

Ghost/Normal, Ghost/Fighting, Ghost/Ground, Ghost/Rock, Ghost/Bug, Ghost/Ghost, Ghost/Steel, Ghost/Fire, Ghost/Water, Ghost/Grass, Ghost/Electric, Ghost/Psychic, Ghost/Ice

Steel/Normal, Steel/Fighting, Steel/Flying, Steel/Poison, Steel/Bug, Steel/Ghost, Steel/Steel, Steel/Fire, Steel/Water, Steel/Grass, Steel/Electric, Steel/Ice, Steel/Dark

Fire/Normal, Fire/Flying, Fire/Poison, Fire/Bug, Fire/Ghost, Fire/Fire, Fire/Water, Fire/Grass, Fire/Electric, Fire/Psychic, Fire/Ice, Fire/Dragon, Fire/Dark

Water/Normal, Water/Bug, Water/Ghost, Water/Fire, Water/Water

Grass/Normal, Grass/Rock, Grass/Bug, Grass/Ghost, Grass/Steel, Grass/Fire, Grass/Water, Grass/Grass, Grass/Electric, Grass/Dragon

Electric/Normal, Electric/Fighting, Electric/Poison, Electric/Ground, Electric/Rock, Electric/Bug, Electric/Fire, Electric/Water, Electric/Grass, Electric/Electric, Electric/Psychic, Electric/Ice, Electric/Dragon, Electric/Dark

Psychic/Normal, Psychic/Poison, Psychic/Ground, Psychic/Rock, Psychic/Bug, Psychic/Ghost, Psychic/Steel, Pyschic/Fire, Psychic/Water, Psychic/Electric, Psychic/Psychic, Psychic/Ice, Psychic/Dragon, Psychic/Dark

Ice/Normal, Ice/Fighting, Ice/Poison, Ice/Rock, Ice/Bug, Ice/Steel, Ice/Fire, Ice/Grass, Ice/Electric, Ice/Ice, Ice/Dragon, Ice/Dark

Dragon/Normal, Dragon/Fighting, Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Rock, Dragon/Bug, Dragon/Ghost, Dragon/Steel, Dragon/Fire, Dragon/Water, Dragon/Grass, Dragon/Electric, Dragon/Ice, Dragon/Dragon, Dragon/Dark

Dark/Normal, Dark/Fighting, Dark/Poison, Dark/Ground, Dark/Rock, Dark/Bug, Dark/Steel, Dark/Water, Dark/Grass, Dark/Electric, Dark/Psychic, Dark/Dragon, Dark/Dark