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Warning: I am not a native English speaker. I can't tell if this is a comprehensible text

And forgive me if I seem, somehow, outrageous. I try my best to be sympathetic, but I get too excited sometimes.

I put those codes first and above all because that's what I look for when I read user pages, but it is pretty hard to find some ¬¬
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Contact me

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E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] Orkut Profile: [1]

Please, add me. I like that. It's always fun to talk to new people. Scraps are an available option too.

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About Pokémon

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About him

Gabriel Rocha Nascimento (born August 23, 1988) is an ordinary Brazilian boy from Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, who now studies in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro because of the college. He's studying Biomedicine and has no idea about what he will do after that, and it worries him. Gabriel is best known for... nothing. He likes to be called "Gabriel", or normal nicknames people would name him in real life such as:

  • Biel
  • Diby
  • Gabi
  • Chateau (pretty strange, but that's not his fault)

He doesn't like Internet crazy names, like "Bull353Weavile", "MissCrazyPikachuFan", "SkittyLuvWailord". Diby_esp is just a login, not something he'd like to hear when someone calls him. C'mon, that doesn't even sound like a name or a nickname people would call you after.

Pokémon - My Opinion

I think Pokémon is one of the best games I've ever played, maybe the best. I first knew about it because of the cartoon show, but, nowadays I hardly ever watch an episode. As a matter of fact, the animé is not the same thing it was for me eight years ago. I'm a twenty-year-old boy and I think our interests change as time passes by. But the games are something magical. I bought some video games just to play Pokémon games, such as Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii (I bought because of them, but I played other games too - video games are quite expensive in Brazil). Unfortunately, a lot of people (most of them) know Pokémon as the animé thing, and may think the games are Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu doing anything. Pokémon cartoon brought many people to the world of Pokémon, but now it makes us, Pokémon players, seem infant addicteds of children stuff. The games are excellent and why? Because it is an intelligent, smart game. It never finishes. Every game can be cool, but sometime it will finish, game over. Ocarina of Time was an excellent game, but it ended, and everything is the same thing. But now Pokémon... If you don't have all Pokémon, if you don't have all the ribbons, if you didn't win all Battle Towers, there's always something to do. There is always a challenge. And even when CPU fails to challenge you, there's a whole world to beat. Each person will have different stratagies, and you'll have to set different teams in order to beat them. There's always a Pokémon to train, to breed, to catch. That's wonderful. And about the spin-off games, the one I really played was Pokémon Snap (I don't think Stadium, Colosseum, XD, PBR are Spin-Offs), and I'd play Ranger if I knew anyone who has a DS, just because of Manaphy. By the way, I hate how they surrender to Pikachu popularity. Pikachu is in every regional dex, Pikachu got an alternate female forme, Pikachu has a foreign dex entry, Pikachu has its own item. Wahtever happens, Pikachu must take part in all. Game Freak won't understant Pikachu is a weak, cute, common Pokémon; and it's all because of that Pikachu!!!

Pokémon (And Me) - Such a Love

As I mentioned before, I knew Pokémon because of the animé. Some time after that, I played Pokémon Red (but it wasn't mine), and then I got addicted.

  • Day: 25 - Month: December - Year: 2000 ---- Christmas. My brother and I got Game Boy Colors and Pokémon Gold and Silver. It was like a dream. It was fascinating.
  • March 2001: we got our Game Link Cable (I miss them), and I could finally evolve Kadabra, Haunter =D Awesome!
  • April 2001: a friend of ours also got a Game Boy Color and a cartridge, and he also got Yellow. Wonderful! Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo and Moltres available. Unfortunately I found out about Mew glitch too late)
  • Soon later: I got my Crystal version. Then I started realizing I would follow Pokémon wherever it'd go.
  • 2003, Christmas: I got my GBA, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. At this point, my brother was no longer a Pokémon fan, and until nowadays, mocks me because of that. Soon later my friend got a GBA too and a Sapphire. He also got a game link cable and that GBA-GCN cable. He bought Colosseum and XD too, and his games are with me today (I borrowed and he never asked them back).
  • 2007, Christmas: I had never gotten so many video game things at the same time: Nintendo DS, Pokémon Pearl, Wii, Pokémon Battle Revolution. I don't know anyone who has a DS yet, but thanks to Wi-Fi that's a minor problem, except for The Underground features, Link Battle Tower and easy trades.
    • But now my family is unemployed and it's pretty worrying.

Games I Have

In-Game Goals

  • First of all, completing the main storyline
    • Too easy
  • Completing my Pokédex
    • Easy, but takes some hard work and patience
  • Finish sidequests, such as the Battle Tower
    • I have never done it

Order may change, some sidequests come before Pokédex completion

About Cheating

  • Cloning is okay, just don't overuse it.
  • Creating Pokémon is not.
    • I got some perfect Dittos, but I didn't create them, someone gave me, and they were caught where they're found, and levels are ok too. It's not my fault, though, I must admit, it's quite suspicious.
  • Increasing your money, BPs, coins is not okay
    • But you could still clone what you get from them. I think I think like this because, since Gold and Silver, cloning was the only thing we could do, and freely. Emerald brought that back again. GTS brings a less powerful cloning, but still a cloning. I miss cloning when there's no cloning. I miss glitches =D
  • Walking through walls, getting badges without fighting, etc. is inconceivable.

About Competitive Battling

It's fun, but I'm always afraid of losing =D

About Pokémon Groups

I understand tiers and their point, but I prefer to split Pokémon in three groups:

About Garchomp

I understand it is strong. But that is Pokémon. If you don't like it, try a game you like. And maybe will ban the queen from a chess game because one would say it is an uber. But I can play as you wish and I will not use Garchomp if you will (in fact, I am used to it), I mean it. But I also like some tourneys not fully based in those tiers.

Then What Do You Like?

I get sad when people just ban some Pokémon from the game. But I see an uber based metagame would be boring. I would suggest ONE guardian per team, and say, two legendaries per team. That way we could have full use of Pokémon and have many options. I also like some Nintendo rules, which are:

  • Two Pokémon can't be put to sleep
  • Two Pokémon can't be frozen
  • A team can't have two Pokémon of the same species
  • Two Pokémon can't hold the same item (Three, four and five either)
  • Soul Dew is banned
  • Optional: Some Pokémon banned

And stop some non-sense, such as Evasion Clause and not allowing "hax" items. If you are afraid of a Dusknoir with Double Team, use Foresight. It would cause massive damage (I just love saying massive damage) to Dusknoir strategy. First, all its Double Teams would be useless; second, it would be vulnerable against fighting e normal moves. I tried to explain that to some people, but they said foresight is an idiot move and mocked me... But if that's the point, we should ban Stealth Rock and Spikes because Rapid Spin is weak.

445.png This user deals MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Pokémon - Random Talk

About Starters

I always choose the fire starter: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic and Chimchar. I may choose others when I start a new game, but every first time, it should be a fire one. Of course, when playing Yellow, I started with Pikachu. Colosseum with Espeon and Umbreon and XD with an Eevee.

Pokémon I Like

I think there isn't a single Pokémon I don't like (I don't hate Pikachu, I just don't like it above all the others). I have, however, a group of favorite Pokémon:

Eevee and its family


Eevee is pretty cute and I loved it since the fisrt time I saw it. I remember reading that paper that comes wth the first Pokémon CD with songs lyrics and a poster with 150 Pokémon I like them all, but my favorite evolution, for sure, is Espeon. Since I knew it as Efui (sic), I loved that idea of a new evolution, and psychic. I also like Glaceon and Leafeon a lot.



Garchomp was, probably, the only Pokémon I didn't like. It seemed strong, but evil. Even Tyranitar didn't seem like that to me. Garchomp was the evil boss. The strong, but bad guy, the one to be defeated, not to use. But, then, all of a sudden, I found out Garchomp's name in Japanese was ガブリアス, and my name (according to Wikipedia) was ガブリエル. Them fear became love, and suddenly Garchomp was one of my favorite.



In fact, somehow it represents Charmander, Charmeleon and the other fire starters. They're always my first companions in every game. But Charmander was the first first, and Charizard is its powerful final evolution. It's a pity our current metagame isn't very nice to Charizard.



It is cute. It is strong. It is versatile. It is pink. It is Mew. Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy are nothing but worse copies. Mew is everything. Pokémon wasn't even famous, and Mew was there. Since Pokémon was not very known yet, people didn't use to hack games, to look for Pokémon sites, and then Mew was truly hidden from most players(unlike Arceus is and Darkrai and Shaymin were). And My Pokémon Ranch gave me Mew! Wonderful!