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Note: This is fanmade, not real stuff. I will not tell anyone about this idea because it's not real.


  • Pokémon are focus on monsters and Compumon are focus on robots.
  • Pokémon are caught in Poké Balls and Compumon are caught in Robotic Data Boxes.
  • Pokémon can breed and Compumon cannot breed.
  • Pokémon can evolve in different ways and Compumon cannot evolve.
  • Compumon are stronger than any other Pokémon.


Every Pokémon are focus on robots. However, they cannot breed due being robot beings.


This rarity contains Pokémon that are pure-typed.

Name Type
Rodentbot Normal
Fightbot Fighting
Birdbot Flying
Smogbot Poison
Sandbot Ground
Rockbot Rock
Bugbot Bug
Ghostbot Ghost
Steelbot Steel
Flarebot Fire
Seabot Water
Leafbot Grass
Joltbot Electric
Psybot Psychic
Bergbot Ice
Dracobot Dragon
Umbrabot Dark
Fairybot Fairy


This rarity contains Pokémon that are dual-typed.

Name Type
Exercisbot Normal Fighting
Featherbot Normal Flying
Chektoxbot Normal Poison

Work in progress.


This rarity contains Pokémon that are based on Pokémon, monsters, animals and plants.

Name Type
Pikachubot Electric

Work in progress.


500 years ago, people in the Pokémon world invented Pokémon robots called Compumon and they are made from steel, mineral and Pokémon and are sent into the rocket to find Pokébot world, after they first enter there, they lived peacefully until Pokémon were sent there in a Pokérocket and then attacked the Compumon decreasing its population due to Pokémon hunting and cause explosions however after that, it left the world to send back into the Pokémon world.

420 years ago, Compumon use powerful moves and stronger powers in order to defeat Pokémon who had hunted them then they began to build their homes, food and robotic stuff to protect themselves from Pokémon and then began to be send to the Pokémon world to search for fossils, historic objects and legendary Pokémon in order to revive them then send them into a new planet called Legendgari where legendaries live.

300 years ago, Compumon invented several objects such as Pikachubot which began to store electricity with the cheeks and flew to the Pokémon to hunt electric Pokémon world including Pikachu in order to find new ingredients for new Compumon.

Between 200 and 50 years ago, Compumon had made even more inventions including Compumon to give humans a thinking brain and of course new weapons in order to hunt bugs and birds, then later become friends with Pokémon.