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History on Bulbapedia

I am a new member in Bulbapedia. I joined sometime in the spring of 2011. I do enjoy the site and am trying to get involved in more articles.

History on Pokémon

The first Pokémon game I ever owned was Pokémon Ruby. My older brother had Sapphire version and I was so jealous that he had a Pokémon game before I did. I thought that the Pokémon were the best games for the Game Boy Advance because of the excessive amount of content in them. I was sad that I never had a DS and that I couldn't play Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. But I did buy a 3DS eventually, got Pokémon Black, and started becoming obsessed with everything Pokémon. I have always been watching the show, even way back in 1999. The only series I never watched were the Advanced Generation series.

About Me

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