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564.png This user comes from Greece.
468.png This user is from the state of Attiki.
Max Glasses.png This user wears glasses.
Spr HGSS Brock.png This user has brown hair.
446.png This user's favorite food is Souvlaki.
VSBrock.png This user is not in a relationship.
9th This user is in 9th grade.
± This user's math class is boring.
006.png This user is cool.
034.png This user identifies as male.
272.png This user is happy!
480.png This user is intelligent.
493.png This user is Christian.
178.png This user is independent.
493.png This user is a trainer of all types.
251.png This user is 14 years old.
385.png This user's birthday is June 30.
025Pikachu-Original.png This user likes the original series of the Pokémon anime.
025Pikachu-Hoenn.png This user likes Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire.
025Pikachu-Sinnoh.png This user likes Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl.
025Pikachu-Unova.png This user likes Pokémon the Series: Black and White.
Spr RS Steven.png This user strives for administratorship.
Bulbapedia logo.png This user dreams of Bulbapedia being complete someday.
Jessie Dustox and Shiny Dustox.png This user's best friend on Bulbapedia is SuperAipom7.
233.png This user spends too much time on the computer.
351H.png This user likes it when it snows.
487.png This user's favorite color is black.
Pokémon logo English.png This user's favorite anime is Pokémon.
Dream Master Ball Sprite.png This user's favorite ball is the Master Ball.
197.png This user prefers the nighttime.
175.png This user's favorite baby Pokémon is Togepi.
Anime stub.png This user's favorite TV show is The Simpsons.
058.png This user likes dogs.
052.png This user likes cats.
Spr 3r 383.png This user is a player of Pokémon Ruby Version.
Spr 3r 382.png This user is a player of Pokémon Sapphire Version.
Spr 4d 484.png This user is a player of Pokémon Pearl Version.
Spr 4h 250.png This user is a player of Pokémon HeartGold Version.
643.png This user is a player of Pokémon Black Version.
HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Spr 4d 493-Unknown s.png This user likes cheating in Pokémon games.
113.png This user likes helping others.
025.png 417.png This user is a good friend.
001.png This user is a non-legendary Pokémon trainer.
493.png This user trains legendary Pokémon.
192.png This user loves nature.
Project Anime logo.png This user is a member of Project Anime.
Project Music logo.png This user is a member of Project Music.
Bag Bicycle Sprite.png
This user used to have one of these, till the user met one of these.
295.png THIS IS SPARTA!!!
Spr 4p 479L.png THIS USER HAS FURY.
TransparentDonuts.png These donuts are great. Jelly-filled are my favorite. Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut.
Ash hat OS.png This user had to send in about a million postcards to win that hat.
Dawn costume 1.png This user loves Dawn.
488.png The sentence below is true.
491.png The sentence above is false.
Team Rocket trio DP 2.png This user's blasting off again!