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The name's Brandon... Nice to meet you all. I've been playing pokemon since the first generation of Red, Blue, and Yellow. And I'm still playing until now...
Here's some of my favourite Pokemon

  • Garchomp- Outmatches Salamence in my opinion and this guy evolves a lot faster than Salamence.
  • Salamence- A must have pokemon since I've been playing the 3rd generation. This guy has a high attack and his Sp. Atk is not bad either
  • Metagross- A unique combination of Steel and Psychic. This makes Metagross can counter all off his Psychic type killers. Only this guy can learn Meteor Mash, a superb move with a chance of increasing his.
  • Tyranitar- This guy packs some serious attack! With the help of his Sand Stream, both this guy and Garchomp can almost crush everything.
  • Houndoom- Never knew why I liked this guy. I think it's because he got some unique Fire/ Dark combination and a really superb Sp.Atk for a Dark-type Pokemon
  • Gengar- Well, he packs some sleeping moves, which is my favorite battle style.
  • Darkrai- Sure he got some stupid Sprite with just 1 eye. But his Dark Void - Bad Dreams - Dream Eater - Nightmare combo makes most pokemon unable to survive when battling against him.

While these are some Pokemon which I really hate.

  • Shuckle- Are you insane? This guy is an absolute tanker! 600+ Def AND Sp.Def drains almost every attack!
  • Blissey- This... The Pokemon that really gets on my nerve most of the time... Gigantic HP, and with the help of softboiled, most people will get insane even before they kicked this idiot out

My Pokemon

This is my team in Soul Silver. Unfortunately, the rest of the pokemons are still in EV training and I won't put them in unless they're at their final evolution. Only my Dragonite needs EV training and my 2nd team is done. This team is made specially to crush the 2nd Elite 4 and crush Red once more, since I really wasted a lot of items before.