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Just a Pokémon fan trying to help Bulbapedia out. Somtimes I jump the gun, and I'm sorry for that.


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I don't understand Wikicode in the slightest, so apologies for the length of the usertags.

I first played Pokémon when I was five, and my YMCA group took a field trip to a park. I had finished running away from something when I bumped into some fifth grader about to play soccer. This kid was trying to level up his Dratini in Red at the Elite Four and quickly taught me how to play and ran off. After i died in five minutes, he came back and wouldn't let me touch it again. But after that I was hooked.

As I was six or so, I didn't beat any Pokémon game, but just blundered around and copied whatever team Ash had until Sapphire. By then, I was in fifth grade, and slowly rising in the school playground circuit with my Ninjask (Speedy), Metagross(Megablast), Dusclops(Reaper), Flygon(Mystic), Sceptile(George, as in the King of the Jungle), and Torkoal(Volcano). Unfortunately, I came across someone who hacked a Tyranitar (though with a legal moveset) and cleaned up my team with Bolt-Beam. Afterwards, I resorted to cheating and that cartridge became unplayable.

After that, I bought the later games, played them for a while, then boxed them and didn't really pick up the pastime until I found reporting on Diamond and Pearl. When they came out, I passed on Piplup (after hearing all of the Poochama references) and despite Turtwig's name, I chose it. I got a female and named her Gaia. By the time I had beat the game, I had found Pokérus at the Seven Stars Restraunt, and more importantly Bulbapedia, as well as Japanese episodes of the anime online, which I gravitated to after Naruto began to annoy me. By the time the Riolu special DP071/DP072 aired, I had joined, and the rest is the rest.

I currently have one shiny, although I have never found one (other than a certain Gyarados). My sister gave me a gold Geodude after she accidently deleted the gold Krabby I got from my brother, which I traded from a Rayquaza. I'm not interested in trades or battles, although when Platinum comes around and I rebuild my dream team, we can talk.

I am also an avid Pikachu player in Brawl, and I am hoping to make it to a tournament soon.

Coincidently, I did something stupid in relation to Movie 12. Don't get me wrong, I have not been more eager to see a Pokémon movie since the first, but I was (to my understanding) the one to introduce, "Hey, it's a Pichu. Let's see, we got Dialga, so, it must be related to Pikachu!" I have heard this so much in the days since, I meant only to throw out an idea, and it annoys me that some people are accepting it as fact...Still, ego's all in my head, right?

Game Status

I am play my Pearl Version atm. I am on Iron Island, leveling up w/Riley, until they all reach Lvl. 45.



The anime for me is a mixed bag; Brock annoys me, Misty was never as funny as she was, and Ash got more annoying as time went on. The perfect solution turned out to be YouTube, where although I can't understand a word, Brock gets hurt, and I can skip the boring parts.

Team Predictions

Yeah, everyone does it, and yeah, I suck @ wikicode, so here it is. This is by the end of a Sinnoh journey, so if Battle Frontier the sequel appears, I'll update this. Or more likely, I won't.

  • Ash: Unlike most, I think that he will keep his team. Chimchar will probably evolve completely and Buizel won't.
    • I'd bet on a final team of: Pikachu, Staraptor, Grotle, Infernape, Buizel, and Gliscor, which is generally the consesus anyway.
  • Ash will not get a Riolu (yet anyway), it would've leaked by now people and beyond that, it's not in the Movie 12 ad. Although I do hope that Torkoal evolves...

  • Brock: AAPF gave me hope for Brock, Bronzong baby!
    • Final Team: Croagunk, Chansey, Sudowoodo, Bronzong
  • Reasoning: Happiny has to evolve, every egg Poké has. Bronzong fits with his team and they have ample time to capture one through Mt. Coronet.

  • Dawn: Hard to say what Dawn will do after Mamoswine popped up in three episodes, but...
  • Final Team: Piplup, Lopunny, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Cyndaquil, Clefable/Tangrowth/Gen V Pokémon
  • Reasoning: Piplup won't evolve, we know that now. Buneary is way overdue and nobody doesn't expect that one. Mamoswine's a gimme, and then we get to the interesting ones.
    • Why Cyndaquil you ask? Because Bayleef has a huge personality and a Chikorita for Dawn couldn't compete with her. Totodile doesn't fit and Cyndaquil is left. Cyndaquil was a minor Pokémon in Johto compared to Totodile and Bayleaf, which is somewhat like Charizard and Squirtle's relationship to Bulbasaur (although that's a stretch). Besides that, Cyndaquil would finally evolve, likely, and come back to Ash's team after Infernape beat Paul in the finals...But that's enough speculation for now.
    • Clefairy is a bit of a free spot, and it's cute and catchable. Tangela is just as possible, or some Gen V Pokémon.

  • TR: Jessie will catch some Gen V Pokémon and James will get a Snover. Mime Jr. never evolves, but gets sick and then who comes back? CHIMECHO, who evolves in 10 episodes..

Thus Ends My Page. Thanks For Reading