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Format and Structure

Now that the main page is looking very comfortable, I think it's time we start looking at these season pages. At the moment they're a bit of a mess, which is understandable given the continuous nature of the stream. Some runs have nowhere near enough information whereas others have far too much to be encyclopaedically relevant. The key thing we're missing here is structure. We need a strong framework for which to fit previous runs and to be able to fit future runs with the right amount of relevant information. Link structure also needs to be looked at (below).

I propose the following page structure for each run:

R0X: Pokémon (Game Name)

A screenshot of the run's layout, noting any developments

1 paragraph blurb introducing and summarising the run, as well as it's influence on the stream in general.

Notable Events

Notable events will be placed in the table. The table's colour will correspond to the game played (i.e. if Pokémon Red was played, the table colour would be red).

Gameplay Changes

Here will be a list of bullet points noting gameplay changes. If needed, this will be subdivided into changes to the Pokémon game (mods) and changes to the control system.

  • Game difficulty was increased
  • A new control system was introduced


For more information regarding Pokémon captured and items obtained, see here.

After this has been completed for each run, I'd like to move to link structure. Currently, Season 1 is located at /Twitch_Plays_Pokémon/Season_1, yet R01 (Pokémon Red) is located at /Twitch_Plays_Pokémon/Pokémon_Red etc. While this made sense earlier on, it now lacks future-proofing - especially if we start to re-play games. This also might be confusing as the separate pages are intended only to feature items and Pokémon obtained and not a full overview of the run. In light of this I propose a new structure, similar to episodes of the anime and movies, as follows:

Main Page /Twitch_Plays_Pokémon/
Season 1 /Twitch_Plays_Pokémon/S01/
Season 1, Run 1 /Twitch_Plays_Pokémon/S01/R01/

This breaks it down to numbers and makes it easier to locate the info we need. :) It would also help if we wanted to set up a link template for easy linking.

I'm happy to take on the task of organising these pages. It will take some time to do. But I wanted to run this structure past everyone first to see if it was OK or if anyone had any suggestions etc. :)

--Kip | Talk 20:47, 19 November 2015 (UTC)

Further to this, I'll leave the idea of link re-structuring to a later date. I think it's better we just concentrate on getting the season pages up to scratch first. --Kip | Talk 10:03, 1 July 2016 (UTC)