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Bill's PC
Spr 1b 032.png NIDORAN♂ Lv.22
Spr 1b 048.png BKKBBBBCBB Lv.22
Spr 1b 041.png AABB-??AAJJ Lv.18
Spr 1b 096.png DROWZEE Lv.30

Day Care

Level and moves are approximately at the last time saved.

Day Care
Spr 1b 092.png GASTLY Lv.50


Spr 1b 005.png ABBBBBBK( Lv.34
Spr 1b 019.png JLVWNNOOOO Lv.13
Spr 1b 136.png FLAREON Lv.25
Spr 1b 106.png CCC Lv.30
Spr 1b 041.png × Lv.16
Spr 1b 048.png A Lv.22
Spr 1b 048.png B-!) Lv.22
Spr 1b 102.png AIA Lv.25
Spr 1b 046.png AAA Lv.22
Spr 1b 048.png VENONAT Lv.22
Spr 1b 032.png NIDORAN♂ Lv.22
Spr 1b 044.png ×(araggbaj Lv.26
Spr 1b 083.png DUX Lv.31
Spr 1b 074.png GEODUDE Lv.17
Spr 1b 020.png AAJST(???? Lv.29
Spr 1b 032.png H Lv.24
Spr 1b 032.png AAEWWW Lv.24
Spr 1b 111.png AEWWWWVV Lv.26
Spr 1b 041.png ZUBAT Lv.16
Spr 1b 032.png a Lv.24


Spr 1b 021.png SPEAROW Lv.15


Secret Key III Secret Key
TM Fighting TM17 (Submission)


S.S. Ticket S.S. Ticket
Card Key III Card Key
HM Water HM03 (Surf)
Moon Stone Moon Stone
Silph Scope III Silph Scope
Town Map III Town Map
HM Normal HM01 (Cut)
Lift Key III Lift Key
Poké Flute III Poké Flute
HM Normal HM04 (Strength)
Potion Potion
Super Rod III Super Rod

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