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Mini-Metronome's Origins

So, this card is the very first appearance of Mini-Metronome in English... but the JP version has this attack as "Wag Finger" aka what was localized into a non-miniaturized Metronome. But then Mini-Metronome keeps appearing on cards, covering for "Slightly Wag Finger" instead. Which leaves the Origin sections of all the cards with Mini-Metronome in quite the lurch. They're all empty, no doubt because there isn't a listed policy or manual of style saying what does and doesn't go in Origin sections on cards. Do we ignore Mini-Metronome, do we treat further appearances of Mini-Metronome as variations of Metronome that start with Sample Set Clefairy, or do we treat them as variations of Metronome that start with this Togepi?

I prefer the latter, as the effect of Mini-Metronome is consistently coin flip based, which regular Metronome never does. What appears to have happened is that someone figured that the coin flip "Wag Finger" attacks should have a different name, which conveniently lines up with the English localization which already decided to make a distinction. And so for all subsequent appearances, the names are the "same" (as much as that works considering language and nuance and translation). It should go without saying since I made a whole post, but I don't think not including Mini-Metronome in Origin sections is a good answer. Salmancer (talk) 18:05, 19 January 2024 (UTC)