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Ok, there seems to be a contradiction of Ditto(Fossil) card in at least two articles. This article says that Ditto(Fossil) was not included in Pokemon TCG GB1 or 2, due to the Pokepower. However in the Jack article, a character from the Pokemon TCG video games, it has a list of pokemon in his deck. The article says that his deck has two Ditto(Fossil) in it. So right now I am confused as to whether Ditto(Fossil) is in the games or not. I haven't gone far enough in my game copy, so I cannot confirm this for myself. -User:Mudkipchan (P.S: I seem to have forgotten how to add the time since I posted this. Sorry.)

Ditto is not included in the first TCG GB game. The article may be referring to the GB Ditto that was created to replace the Fossil Ditto in the GB game.--Yoshi1001 03:53, 10 September 2007 (UTC)