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Tad (Japanese: ヒデ Hide) is a character of the day who appeared in Charizard Chills.

Prior to Charizard Chills, Tad had competed against Trovita Island Gym Leader Rudy and won his hometown's most powerful Pokémon competition. Ash and his friends met Tad after he almost ran them over with his boat, causing Misty to yell at him. Tad apologized and instantly recognized Ash, following Rudy's comments on his strength. At Tad's request, he and Ash competed in a two-on-two battle. Tad sent out his Poliwrath, and managed to defeat both Ash's Pikachu and Charizard, the latter instance being only because Charizard refused to listen to Ash. He then told Ash that he would accept a rematch with him when he learned how to train his Charizard.

The next day, Pikachu was captured by Team Rocket. With Charizard now trusting him after the lengths he had gone to while trying to help him, Ash successfully rescued Pikachu. Tad, seeing what had happened, asked Ash if he was ready for the rematch. Ash accepted, and was able to defeat Poliwrath with Charizard, who knocked Poliwrath off its feet and subsequently used Seismic Toss on it.

He made a cameo appearance in a flashback in The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!.


This listing is of Tad's known Pokémon:

Tad's Poliwrath

Tad's Poliwrath in the Black & White series flashback
As a sign of its strength, Poliwrath proudly wears the golden championship belt that it won in a local competition. Tad sent out Poliwrath against Ash's Pikachu. Despite having the type advantage, Pikachu ended up losing, with Poliwrath using Double Team to exhaust Pikachu's electricity before using a combination of Hypnosis and Water Gun. Ash then proceeded to sent out his Charizard, but Charizard refused to listen to Ash's orders, and kept using Flamethrower against the Water-type Pokémon. The battle ended when Tad had his Poliwrath freeze Charizard with Ice Beam.

The next day, it had a rematch against Ash's now obedient Charizard, who finally knocked Poliwrath out with his Seismic Toss.

It reappeared in a flashback in The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!.

Poliwrath's known moves are Double Team, Hypnosis, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Mega Kick, and Counter*.

Debut Charizard Chills
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Eric Stuart

Tad also has at least one other Pokémon, as he intended to use a total of two Pokémon against Ash. However, as Poliwrath had defeated both Pikachu and Charizard, this second Pokémon was never seen.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 真殿光昭 Mitsuaki Madono
English Addie Blaustein (EP105)
Arabic زياد الرفاعي Zeyad Errafae'ie
Italian Luca Bottale
Norwegian Tommy Karlsen
Polish Robert Ostolski
Brazilian Portuguese Sílvio Giraldi
Spanish Latin America Irwin Daayán
Spain Rafa Romero


  • Tad's English name is a reference to his Pokémon, Poliwrath, who is referred to by the Pokédex as a "'Tadpole Pokémon."
  • Tad has a striking resemblance to Tracey Sketchit. Also, both of their dub names begin with a T and both wear headbands.
    • In a scene of the episode Tad appears in, Tracey's headband is colored green like Tad's, though his is usually pink.
  • The belt that Tad's Poliwrath is wearing greatly resembles to the P1 Grand Prix's belt that Ash's Primeape wears at the end of The Punchy Pokémon. It is very possible that Tad is born, or lives in the city where the P1 Grand Prix takes place, as he mentions it himself.
  • Tad mentions that he hopes to compete against Ash in the Orange League, but it was later shown that the Orange League does not involve a Pokémon League Conference. In the Japanese version, he merely wishes they both work hard in Orange League.

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