Miska Saari

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Miska Saari
Miska Saari's signature from one of his cards from the Suns & Moons TCG Deck from the 2006 World Championships special expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Miska Saari is the Seniors winner of the 2006 World Championships special expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the first European world champion.[1] Originating from Finland, his winning deck is called Suns & Moons.

TCG playing history

Miska Saari has played the TCG from the age of six[2] and is considered to have been active in the TCG scene since 2005.[1]

Prior to the 2006 World Championships, Saari was active in a players' group in Hyvinkää, Finland. In the Finnish National Championships, he placed third.[3]

Saari has stated that he tends to play decks that have an advantage over the types of decks typical in the metagame at a given time.[1] In a training camp in the summer of 2006, Saari decided to use a LunaRock type deck in the upcoming championships. The reasoning was that the deck would have an advantage over the then-dominant deck archetype B-L-S. As predicted, in the World Championships he faced B-L-S decks each round except for the final.[4]

In 2011, having played seven years, Saari stated friends and community have kept him with the TCG so long. "The Spirit of the Game is very high in the Finnish Pokémon TCG community and people are always kind to each other," he said and noted that he also had most of his friends from there.[1]

Notable tournament performances


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