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These are all the lessons that appear in the Science section of the Pokémon Learning League website. Siara appears in all of these lessons.


Lunar Cycle

Ash and May are heading towards a Pokémon Contest arena, but it is getting late and are afraid that they'll have to continue in the dark. Ash is confident that the moon will be bright enough for them, but May isn't so sure about this, so they contact Siara about this.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Notably, this was the first episode made.

The Atom

Ash and May are traveling to another Gym, and Ash is eager to get there quick. However, they are stopped by a wild Plusle and Minun who show them a very tiny mushroom. Ash speculates that it may be the smallest thing ever. They then call Siara and learn that there are in fact things that are even smaller.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

The Sun

Ash, May and Max are walking through a dark forest, they comment on how dark and chilly it is. They hope that the sun will come out at some point. At that point, they come across a group of Bellossom dancing. Max isn't sure of what they are doing so Ash checks his Pokédex on the grass Pokémon. Finally the Sun appears and things don't appear as gloomy as before. May wants to know exactly what the Sun actually is, so they contact Siara and learn about it.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

According to Siara and May's dialog, it appears that the Pokémon world doesn't seem to share the same sun the world of the Learning League lab and the Mission Guides inhabit. Meaning that the Poképilot is possibly capable of extraplanetary or interdimensional communication.


May and Max are heading to Petalburg City to see their mom and dad. They're excited because Norman is planning a surprise birthday party for Caroline. Along the way they pass Nurse Joy, who comments that May is looking more and more like her mother every day, and that Max definitely has his father's eyes. These comments leave Max somewhat confused, but May notices that Max's eyes somewhat resemble their father's while May does resemble their mother. They contact Siara and learn how heredity works.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


A Snorlax wakes up, notices a few Berry bushes and naturally, eats them all. Then it promptly goes back to sleep. Tracey notices this and is worried that all of the Berries are gone since the Oran bushes, as it turns out, belong to Professor Oak. Tracey decides to plant more for the other Pokémon, but isn't sure where to start. He contacts Siara and learns that plants make their own food through photosynthesis.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis

Ash, Pikachu and Brock are traveling on top of a ridge when an Absol appears before them. They mention that Absol don't come down from the mountains often, but only do so when a natural disaster is on the way. They decide to leave the area as quickly as they could. Suddenly a rather strong earthquake hits. They wonder if it's the disaster Absol warned them about earlier. They then notice that a crater had been made, but it is blocking the path home. The Absol suddenly appears once more and a rock slide occurs, filling in the newly created crater. They contact Siara and retell the events. Siara teaches them about how the earth can change dramatically.

Characters that appear in this episode are


Ash, May, Max and Pikachu are in a clearing near a river, accompanying them is a Sableye, who's busy looking at various rocks. Pikachu finds a very shiny one. May thinks it might be silver, which gets Max excited. However, he accidentally tips over a boulder, which crushes the shiny rock. Now that the rock is smashed up, they can't tell if it really was silver or not, so they contact Siara and learn about elements.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Weather Maps

Ash and Pikachu are visiting Hoenn once more and are admiring the weather. They come across a Castform, which promptly changes from its normal form into its rainy form. Ash looks it up on his Pokédex and it mentions that its form changes with the weather. Surely enough, it starts to rain and the Castform floats away. Ash and Pikachu find shelter and wonder when it will stop raining so they can continue to look for it. While he waits, he contacts Siara and tells her about the situation, and she teaches how to read a weather map and what the symbols mean.

Characters that appear in this episode are

According to the first map used in this lesson, the Learning League Lab is close to a northern bay. On the second map, several locations were invented for the lesson, which include:

  • Awesome Town
  • Cool City
  • Superduper City
  • Chill Town
  • Rad Island
  • Peace Plateau


The episode starts with Team Rocket walking through a forest, complaining about the heat and suffering as usual. Luckily for them, they come across a stream and cool off. Meowth spots some shiny rocks on the bank of the stream. Team Rocket jumps to the conclusion that it's gold, and leave to get tools to dig it all up. As they leave, Ash, May and Max appear from behind a ledge and come to the conclusion that they're up to no good as usual. They come to the stream also spot the "gold", but Ash doesn't believe that it really is gold. They contact Siara to find out about the rocks, and teaches them about minerals, and how they are different from rocks.

Characters that appear in this episode are


Ash, May, Max and Brock are at a park and in 1 hour, Ash will be battling someone. In order to kill time, the group decides to look around the different areas of the park. May and Max are heading to the beach, but it's 20 minutes away, so it'll take them 40 minutes to travel their and back. Brock has an even longer route since he'll be heading to the mountain, which will take him 30 minutes, but is supposed to be the closest to where they are now, and it'll only take him 20 to head back. However, Ash is heading to the woods, which is supposed to be the same distance as the beach, but it'll take only 10 minutes there and back. They wonder why it'll take different amounts of time to get to different areas, so they contact Siara, who teaches them about speed and how it is measured.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Light Energy

The episode starts of with Max engrossed in a book. Ash and May try to get his attention, but Max insists on finishing the book, As May is still trying to get Max's attention, she plays with a glass of water that's sitting next to him, afraid that she's going to spill it, he tries to move her hand from it. They move the glass in such a way so that a small rainbow appears. They wonder how Max made the rainbow, and May wants to make one. She moves the glass again but this time the rainbow disappears. Max tries to make the rainbow appear once more but couldn't do it. They call up Siara and ask her about the rainbow. She teaches the group about light and how it can make a rainbow.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Sound Energy

Corphish seems to have gone missing, and Ash, May, Max and Pikachu are looking for it. They hear Corphish call out but don't know where it's coming from. They call up Siara and she teaches the group about sound.

Characters that appear in this episode are


Ash and Pikachu are waiting for Max and May at the Pokémon Center, and Ash is feeling a bit bored. Ash decides to play with a ball. He rolls the ball into a hole in the ground from a ramp, however, when he tries to roll it, it doesn't even reach the hole. He decides to move the ramp closer to the hole. It works and the ball goes into the hole. Ash names the new game "Rampball", Ash decides to make the game a little harder, so he calls Siara to see if she has any ideas. She teaches Ash all about friction.

Characters that appear in this episode are


May, Max and all of her Pokémon are outside playing, Max and May then decide to play with a skateboard. At some point, Max falls off his skateboard and lands on his behind, he blames May for tripping him, and May blames him for cutting her off. They call Siara to prove that May's skateboard just kept going. Siara explains motion: the way things move.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Plant Cells

Ash, May and Pikachu travel to a part of a forest Ash and May really love, due to all the different flowers that grow there. Along the way they spot Team Rocket's balloon. Ash and May wonder what they were up to, but May begins to notice peculiar flowers she's never seen before: ones with streaks of red and blue on white. She wonders how she could grow flowers like these, so May and Ash decide to call Siara, and learn about what makes up a plant cell.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Ash, May and Max are riding a log ride in an amusement park. They wanted to know what made the ride so exhilarating, but don't have enough tickets. So they call Siara and she teaches them about potential and kinetic energy.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Solar System

Ash and Pikachu have made a campfire and are looking at all the stars in the night sky. He begins to wonder how stars and planets are different from each other, so he calls Siara, who explains to him about the planets in the solar system.

Characters that appear in this episode are

The dialog suggests that the Pokémon world isn't really a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. It also doesn't include Pluto as a planet.

Rock Cycle

The episode starts off with Brock and Ash admiring a high mountain that they must cross to get to the next town. Pikachu then notices a Graveler falling from the cliffs above. They find that there's a lot of them on the mountain, and don't want to disturb them, as they are very burly. The problem is that the Graveler look exactly like the rocks they must climb. Ash checks his Pokédex on them, which mentions their habits of climbing to the tops of mountains and eating the rocks along the way. When they reach the top, they tumble back down. Brock wants to know how to tell the difference between the real rock and the Graveler. They decide to call Siara to learn more about rocks. Brock's reaction to Siara is just the same as with any other woman. He tries to hit on her, claiming that she "rocks her world". He even performs a rock guitar solo, claiming it impresses the ladies, even though Ash points out that they're the only two people in the area. Suddenly a small rock falls from the cliff near Brock, which startles him. Siara then teaches them about different types of rocks.

Characters that appear in this episode are

It appears that Brock is aware of the inspiration for his English name. (Add B to rock makes Brock.)


Ash, May and Max are walking along when Pikachu spots a Magneton. As the Magneton floats away, May asks what sort of Pokémon Magneton is. Max explains what a Magneton is: three Magnemite joined by magnetism. May asks what magnetism is, and why it brings them together. However, Max can't explain it fast enough so May calls Siara. Siara explains what magnetism is and how it works.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Unlike most episodes, the Mission Guide, Siara, is the one with the problem: She was lost and had to make a compass to get her back to the Learning League Lab.

Three States of Matter

May and Ash are getting ready to practice with their Pokémon. Ash sends out Grovyle while May tells Squirtle to use Ice Beam. Ash tells Grovyle to use Leaf Blade, but the Ice Beam hits and Grovyle is frozen solid. The match is stopped and Squirtle feels sorry. May asks Combusken to use Fire Spin on Grovyle. The ice melts and steam suddenly fills the area. Ash, May and Brock are amazed and curious as what caused the steam to appear. Brock recalls that steam appears when he's boiling pasta, so they call Siara and learn about the three states of matter.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Strangely enough, Pikachu is nowhere to be seen in this episode.

Simple Machines

Ash and May are heading toward the Pokémon Center for a rest. When they get there, they discover that the place is in shambles. Nurse Joy explains that the place is so messy because a Larvitar used a Sandstorm attack after it was healed, and she was so busy with other Pokémon that she didn't have time to clean the place up. Ash and May are happy to help clean it up. Nurse Joy informs them that the tools are in the cabinet. They look at the tools but are unsure of which one is right for each job. Since Nurse Joy is too busy, they call up Siara and learn about how wedges, inclined planes and levers work.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Simple Machines Part 2

Ash and his friends are heading toward a Pokémon Center. However, the way is blocked by an enormous boulder. Officer Jenny appears and explains that the boulder must have fallen from the mountain during the night, and they are not sure how to move it. Ash suggests that Blaziken and Sceptile might be able to blast it apart. May tells Blaziken to use Sky Uppercut, but it does nothing to the rock. Ash commands Sceptile uses Leaf Blade, but it's just as ineffective. Brock, trying to impress Officer Jenny, decides to move the boulder himself, but it doesn't even budge. Ash decides to call Siara, who teaches the group about the wheel and axle, pulleys, and screws.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Scientific Method

Tracey is in the east side of Kanto, sketching a Lickitung. Several Lickitung head toward an apple tree and one licks an apple. It suddenly reacts strangely. Tracey wonders why it doesn't seem to like the apple, and he isn't sure how to do research, so he calls Siara and she teaches him on the steps of scientific method.

Characters that appear in this episode are

This episode references the Pokédex info on Lickitung in that it is put off by things that taste sour.

In the "Apply" section, Ada appears with green hair, so Siara comes up with an experiment to see why Ada's hair has turned green. It turns out Ada accidentally used Quinn's green facepaint instead of her usual conditioner. Quinn also makes an appearance in this episode.

Weathering and Erosion

Ash, May and Max are traveling over a hill and wonder how long it will take them to their destination. Max brings out an old map he found. According to the map, there isn't supposed to be a hill where they are, but as he reads, he isn't watching where he is going and he slips down the hill. Max is fine but he wonders if the map is okay. Ash reads the map. According to it there's supposed to be a river that they're supposed to cross, however, the river is much farther away than it appears on the map. May notices that the map's writing looks kinda funny, and it's from "Ye Olde Mappe Shoppe". Max says that he found the map in an old book in the Pokémon Center, and is supposed to be over 200 years old. Max assumed that the land wouldn't have changed in that time, since it would have been known if it did. The group calls Siara and learn about weathering and erosion.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Tides and Waves

Ash and Misty are at a beach with Pikachu and Azurill, who is practicing some water attacks in the water. Ash compliments Misty for training Azurill well, but Misty complains that the waves aren't strong enough now then they were a little while ago. Ash predicts that they'll probably be back tomorrow, but Misty isn't quite sure. Ash notices that the waves are now able to reach Pikachu even though it hasn't moved much. Ash and Misty wonder what's going on, so they decide to call up Siara and find out. Siara teaches them on how waves are formed and how the tides are formed.

Characters that appear in this episode are

According to Misty's dialog, the Pokémon world and the world of the Learning League Lab are not the same despite obeying the same laws of physics.

Mixtures and Solutions

Ash and May have just come from training and are quite tired. They decide to help Brock out with dinner by making a drink. They decide to make grape juice. The only problem is that the closest thing they can find is grape jelly. So they decide to make the grape juice with the jelly by mixing water with it. It doesn't mix well, nor does it look or taste like grape juice. They call Siara and learn the difference between mixtures and solutions.

Characters that appear in this episode are

From Cells to Systems

The episode starts off with Ash practicing with Pikachu. After a while they're starting to get a bit tired. Brock and May come to tell Ash to slow down a little as he needs rest. Ash notices how sore his body is after all the training he's done. Max mentions that his body must be working overtime, but Ash doesn't really understand since he's now resting. Max tries to explain it, but isn't exactly sure himself. The group calls Siara and learn about the body's cells and what they do to make the different systems of the body.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Circulatory System

Ash, May and Brock are watching Pikachu and Skitty race each other. After they are done racing, they rest a bit, and Brock's Ludicolo joins them. Max comments that they might be pushing their Pokémon a little too hard. Ash replies that they can never be prepared enough for a battle, so Max challenges them to race like Pikachu and Skitty. They all agree and the Pokémon cheer them on as they race through the park. After they're finished, they stop and take a rest. They notice that their hearts are beating extremely quickly and wonder why this is, so they call Siara and learn about the circulatory system.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Respiratory System

The episode starts with May and Brock blowing up balloons. Officer Jenny asks then why and they reply that it's for Ash to congratulate him on winning a big Pokémon battle. Brock tries to ask Jenny for help, but he appears to have the hiccups. Officer Jenny suggests holding his breath, which he tries to but fails to get rid of them. Officer Jenny leaves but promises to be back in time for the party. Brock concludes that she gave him the hiccups while May doesn't believe him one bit. They call Siara up and learn about the respiratory system.

Characters that appear in this episode are

The Earth's Axis

Ash, May and Brock have been walking for quite some time. While Ash and May complain about it, Munchlax appears to like the sun. Brock decides to take a break, and Ash tells Pikachu and Munchlax to stay under the shade of a tree to rest. They have a picnic and relax for a few hours, only to find that Pikachu and Munchlax have wandered off. They call out for them, finding them under the shade of another tree. Pikachu explains that it was sleeping under the tree until it got too hot, so it moved to another tree. They looked at the tree where Pikachu was only to find that the shade is gone. They decide to call Siara and she explains about the earth's axis.

Characters that appear in this episode are

As with the dialog of some other science lessons, it suggests that the Pokémon world and the world of the Learning League Lab are not the same, but follow the same laws of physics. It's also the alternate season: The Learning League Lab is experiencing winter while the place Ash and his friends are experiencing summer.


The episode starts off with Team Rocket using an electro-magnet to steal Pikachu. Ash uses Swellow to take Pikachu off the electro-magnet, but Pikachu discharges electricity, zapping Swellow. Swellow seems to be okay, but as Ash checks on Pikachu, he accidentally gets zapped as well. Ash decides that he should be placed in some kind of container until he finds a place where he can release all the electricity he's stored. Max decides to call Siara. They explain everything that has happened to Pikachu and she teaches them about electricity.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Naturally, Pikachu discharges all its electricity on Team Rocket who appears once more.


Ash and Max talk about Ash's recent battle and how he won, which could have been influenced by many things: attack, the weather, the opponent, even what the Pokémon ate before the battle. They call Siara and learn about variables.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ash, May and Max try their hand at drawing. May draws Squirtle, but Ash is having a hard time so he throws his crumpled paper away. Brock comes and collects all the paper for a recycling program Officer Jenny taught him. However, he doesn't have time to explain it as he collects more garbage, so they talk to Siara about reducing, reusing and recycling.

Characters that appear in this episode are

More evidence is presented in dialog that the world of the Learning League Lab and the Pokémon World are not the same, but follow the same laws of physics.

This episode also appears in the Life Skills section.

Water Cycle

Ash, Brock and their then-new friend Dawn are at a lakeside camp. Dawn wishes she can capture another Water-type Pokémon at the lake while Brock waits for water to boil. Piplup splashes in the lake and Ash comments that the water is very warm. Officer Jenny arrives and informs them that she's checking the water level of the lake because there is a serious drought going on and it might affect the wild Pokémon living in the area. The only thing they could do is wait for the rain to come. Ash and Brock call Siara and she teaches everyone about the water cycle.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Halfway through the lesson, it finally starts to rain.

This episode is noteworthy because this marks the debut episode of Dawn on the Learning League website, and it's also noteworthy that her clothing had been altered so that she wore white sleeves that reach past her elbows and blue tights that covered her legs.


Misty is practicing with Azurill in a pond in the woods. Misty asks Azurill to use Rain Dance, which causes clouds to appear and rain a tiny bit. Misty decides to test Azurill's Surf, but she isn't quite sure if the pond is the best place. She wonders if Azurill can get stronger if it trains in different places, so they decide to go to another bigger pond on the other side of the woods. Once they get there, Misty tries out Azurill's Surf, but it seems to be unable to as it is not used to the area. Suddenly, several Wooper appear. Misty observes that they appear at home in this pond, while her Azurill is more at home at the previous pond. She wonders why this is, so she calls Siara and learns about ecosystems.

Characters that appear in this episode are

Azurill is referred to as a Water type during the lesson.

Diglett is mentioned as living in a farmland ecosystem, as a reference to one of its Pokédex entries.

Scientific Investigation

A "cleverly" disguised Team Rocket opened up a stall where they're selling stuff that they claim that would help in catching Pokémon: A telescope they call the "Super Spotter" and shoes with springs on the bottom they call "Champion Chasers". Ash and Dawn see the things and wonder if those things could really help in catching Pokémon, but Brock is a little wary of the salespeople. They want to find out if the items really work as well as the salespeople say, but are not quite sure how to go about it. They call Siara and learn about how to perform a scientific investigation.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Transforming Energy

Ash and Dawn, along with Pikachu and Piplup are traveling through a wooded area. Dawn starts asking questions such as how long will it be to the next Contest, when will they get there and if they'll get there on time. Ash answers them in order. Dawn then notices that it's getting a bit dark, Ash replies that it's just that big black cloud, Dawn is about to ask if it's going to rain, but sure enough, it does. They find a cave to hide from the rain. They notice that everyone is shivering and that Ash is starting to get a little hungry. Dawn remarks that if they even get to their destination on time, they'll be all cold, hungry and miserable. Unfortunately, the cave they're in doesn't have electricity and they don't have matches so they can't really start a fire that way. Ash then remembers that Brock packed them some food, he pulls out a can of soup, which unfortunately can't exactly be enjoyed at the moment. Perhaps there is a way they can fix all these problems. Ash contacts Siara and she explains to them about energy and how it can be used.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Before the episode begins, a warning appears to have an adult present when building campfires and working with hot objects.

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